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On Friday evening residents from Chicago’s Southside held a protest in front of the Chicago Police Department against the intolerable violence plaguing their communities and sounded off on President Obama for paying favor to illegal aliens crossing the southern border. Residents also called for the resignation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy for their failure to effectively handle the city’s violence epidemic.

The president’s handling of the illegal invasion in Texas prompted residents to call him out for ignoring the current state of Chicago, where 120 people have been shot and at least 26 killed so far this July.

“Barack will go down as the worth president ever elected, Bill Clinton was the African-American President,” one resident said, in response to the president’s performance on the job, “President Barack needs to pay attention to Chicago, if he can not pay attention to Chicago and the African-American community, he needs to resign.”

Another compared the current state of Black-American life to that during slavery, saying, “Today, if you look at the time that we were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, we got the same results today.”

UPDATE: 748 Illegal Aliens Transferred to Chicago

The recent shooting of Jasmine Curry, a pregnant mother of five on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway, prompted the residents to organize the demonstration. Curry’s father, Pierre Curry, attended the event and addressed and spoke of the pain he has endured after losing his first born daughter after losing a son as well, less than one year ago.

Curry said, “I’d like to tell the young peoples [sic] out here, especially young African-Americans, I’d like to tell the world, Mr. President, congress, senate, aldermen, governor, the mayor–losing a child is something else, losing something that God gave to you, and some fool in the street took it, he didn’t have a right to take my son or my daughter from her five kids. And if anybody knows something, anything, man up,” he then asked for prayers before breaking into tears.

  • John Mark Harris

    Lord, I pray for this poor man, and his grand kids. Please bring him comfort and show him your purpose. May he find grace in your Son Jesus. Amen.

    • T.O.


    • kssturgis62


    • Roberta Thurman


    • jumpstart

      God stopped listening to our national prayers ages ago. When you abort 3000 of his babies a day, with impunity, and no one cares or tries to stop it, God says that when you turn your back on him, he will turn his back on you. This what happened to the Jews in the old Testament. This is why we have the leadership that we have. There is nothing happening to our nation that God couldn’t stop in a heartbeat, when we honor the heartbeat in the womb.

      • Rubie Brown

        Shut UP! No one but an Idiot would go into a rant about Abortion when someone is talking the violence that has taken their children. What did this person death have to do with women having Abortions? This father is hurting, and your distorted views should be shared with the rest of the nutcases that think like you. Not in this moment and not on this subject.

        • TsT

          Death is death Rubie . By a bullet to a Soldiers head or a Chicago kid just playing . Be it Bangers even with their gun play . Automobile doesn’t see the old lady at the cross-walk . Death is an everyday reality . Jumpstart did nothing wrong . It’s a hard slap in the face death is . But . Something we all learn to live with .

      • joann

        Wonderful comment. I agree. This nation will suffer for turning away from God

    • Laura Collier


  • pamdix

    Weren’t these the same kids that were singing “Barak Hussein Obama, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm?

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    I wonder how they feel now that Obama is sending hundreds of illegals to their city.

    • GetItTogether

      The same way the Indians felt when you mofo’s came….

      • TyrannyNutBuster

        Indians didn’t have a sovereign country fool therefore, no land was invaded. And if you feel soooo bad about it, then please leave the so-called Indian land that you obviously feel so guilty about being in.

        • Creation Stepper

          no land was invaded? you are one piece of s***.

          • ShaShaLin

            The Indians did the same to other Indians.. and the Spaniards, ripped the Indians off their Lands, well before anyone else…

      • Snookums

        This was hundreds of years ago..get over it…

  • nosyjme

    I am so sorry these people have to experience these tragedies but WTF did you expect when you voted for someone based on skin color rather than EXPERIENCE???? I hope God hears your prayers and I will say one for you but be sincere and help the rest of us RID this country of the plague of osamba bin lyin!!! Nobody deserves to lose a daughter/mother/ect… but a well placed lightening bolt on a golf course MIGHT HELP!!!!

    • GetItTogether

      Yea they would of been much better off with the likes of Romney (sarcasm). And this country along with others can agree with you that nobody should lose a member of their family due to lies.. A lesson well learned from George “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Bush… **Cue lightning sounds**

      • Toad

        6 years of obama disgracing this country & all you can still do is try & blame President Bush? Silly little liberal fool give credit where credit is do.

        • Rhonda Bantsimba

          It’s due not do. It’s hard to take you so called patriots seriously in your supposed “love and defense of America” when you so really refuse to be educated & use the official language correctly. Do you understand that? I mean, this is really fundamental. The freedoms of this country aren’t just about being able to walk around with a gun & only do what benefits you. You have a bigger responsibility than that. If you are not clear on that, you don’t really deserve to reap the benefits of this nation.

          • TyrannyNutBuster

            Open your home to the illegal foreigner slaves Barry Soetoro is bringing in to join the rest of the plantation sheep such as yourself.

          • TyrannyNutBuster

            Grammar police may know how to spell correctly but is totally ignorant about the contents of the U.S. Constitution. Sit down spelling teacher and learn something new, for real change.

            • rick_drysdale

              Bs It’s the uneducated idiots who know nothing about the Constitution who rattle on about how they are so hard done by. As for the language police remark. If the schools took the time to actually educate the students and the students actually tried to learn something ,they, the students, would be taken seriously.

              • jumpstart

                It has never been the agenda of the NEA to educate our children. The dumbing down of America started 40 years ago. It has come to fruition and the nation is in disrepair. I have never seen the division in this nation so deep and wide. I really can’t see away to mend this mess.

          • finishstrongdoc

            “….when you so really refuse….” *readily*

          • gina

            The list is long but I’ll name a few disgraces…AHC….this has been a nationl disaster from the beginning ….it was so bad they had to pass it on Christmas eve in the middle of the night….and now they lie about the numbers….they didn’t even get close to their goal……EPA…coming to a phone close to you….they track your every move they tap regular citizens…..benghai…a ambassador had asked for more security and was turned down….4 were killed on what is considered American soil by terrorist and the president didn’t even go into the situation room to deal with it… and furious….gov giving guns to the Mexican cartels and was too stupid to even keep track of them and border agents got killed……IRS….targeting people they didn’t like …regular americans….the veterans hospitals…..letting vets die because of the secret wait list….there are more….but I have not seen one scandal that he didn’t lie and lie and lie about and even say I didn’t know about that …or this is the first time I have ever heard of it…totally inept….and all this man does is go on tv and whine and whine and whine like a little boi….I have never in all my years seen any other president constantly go on tv and trash others and blame others the way this pu**y does……

            • VLW

              If you are going to make accusations against the President, at least google what you are criticizing before posting. It is the ACA, the Affordable Care Act, and it is highly successful in the states where medi-care was allowed to expand. Millions of people have access to health care, that is millions who didn’t have it before.
              The EPA? really, how about the NSA, sheesh. Remember the good old Patriot Act that Bush/Cheney insisted was for the safety of Americans? Where do you think the NSA got the go ahead to spy on citizens? American’s rolled over in the name of safety and didn’t even question the invasion of privacy and now, you are all up in arms because exactly what was supposed to happen, happened.
              Bengahi? Is that your own made up place? How about Benghazi? Does that sound familiar? The ambassador did not ask for more security, in fact turned down offers of more. He and one other American were killed during an attack that lasted less than 30 minutes. The other two Americans were killed the next day during an 11 minute attack. Those two, they were security, exNavy Seals. There was also no stand down order. What happened was tragic, but pales in comparison to the hundreds who were killed during Bush Jr’s presidency. Do you feel the same way about them?
              IRS, Do you know that the 501c non profits that were investigated were not denied their non profit status? Do you know that both conservative and liberal groups were investigated? Do you know that is what the IRS is supposed to do when they receive these applications? They were doing their job.
              The VA is under funded and poorly run, that is no secret and Obama has not lied about it. Talk to the conservative Republicans that voted AGAINST increasing funding for our returning vets. They want to send them to fight but don’t want to care for them after.
              Turn off Fox News, and find some reputable news sources, you might learn something.

              • Julie Taal Decker

                I think it’s you that needs to turn off Obamas cheerleader media. You are only spouting off the talking points that they all say over and over and over, so if they say them enough some dumbs–t’s will end up believing. ACA is a tragedy in any state you name. The numbers that have a positive spin on them are made up. They are counting the people that had insurance cancelled and had to reapply. The ONLY positive thing about the ACA, and the reason some new people may have coverage is because there is no pre-existing condition clause. Maybe the person before you got the EPA wrong but you do have to include them! The EPA and the extremely numerous new regulations, more coming out every day, are sending more and more jobs overseas or out of business. Then there is the NSA. Yes, it did start under Bush, right after terrorists living on our own soil, killed thousands in one horrible attack. Should we have stood by and done nothing? I think not! But under this president it has expanded a hundredfold. Yes, let’s bring up Benghazi now… But really, why should we since ‘What difference at this point does it make?!’ I don’t know what media circus you have listened to but right on c-span I heard them say there was a stand down order. And they had asked for months for more security and none came. Why were no troops sent after the first attack? The two that went, against orders, were killed.

                • Julie Taal Decker

                  Now the IRS – the conservative groups that were targeted are STILL waiting for approval!! Do you never watch C-Span?? The liberal groups that were targeted (only to try to make a show that they were fairly targeting…HA!) had their’s approved within the normal time limit. The VA – Yes the Republicans voted against the most recent bill that was put out there. It’s because it was full of a bunch of extra crap that they didn’t want to sign up for. Also, it was just throwing more money at a dead horse. Somewhat like the public education system, which is also run into the ground by our wonderful government. (said with sarcasm)

                • VLW

                  If you followed the hearings on Benghazi, which just took place you would know that there was no stand down order, that is out of the mouth of the people in Tripoli who were going to go. Also, please provide a source for your assertion that the folks in Benghazi asked for months for extra security. Here is a source that shows the Ambassador was offered extra security and turned it down. The two ex Seals were actually CIA contractors, as the facility was not an embassy, but a CIA outpost.
                  I don’t “spout” talking points, I check facts. The ACA is an out and out success, whether or not you believe it or not. People who are now able to get health insurance even though they have pre-existing conditions is a good thing. Why are you dismissive of that?
                  The EPA is vital to our country, do you not care about the environment? Look at that disaster in Texas, a whole community was devastated. Why? No regulations or controls.
                  The Patriot Act has not expanded a hundred fold, can you cite a nonpartisan source to back up that claim?

                • Rhonda Clark

                  SEE MY post up here 2 IMPORTANT PLEASE sorry cant spell delexia trying

              • jumpstart

                hundreds who were killed during Bush Jr’s presidency. You mean the war that was supported with a bipartisan vote?. You mean the war that was funded with a bipartisan vote?

              • johmill

                No, your “facts” on Benghazi are way off. The attack lasted hours. The ambassador did ask for more security and got none. This isn’t about Bush, like you’d like it to be (and by the way, I never was a Bush supporter nor did I vote for him). Yes, the Bush administration handled some things badly. But even if your claims were true, the issue is today and what’s happening now. You can live in the past, but it won’t get us anywhere. Our entire government is out of control, in both political parties.

                And as for the IRS, actually it’s been proven that liberal groups were not investigated the way conservative groups were. And many of the 501C3 groups have not received their non profit status but are still waiting. No, they weren’t doing their job. Their job is to process the paperwork, not go after specific groups just because of their political views. I suppose you probably like the fact that this government now sees our soldiers returning from active duty overseas as possible domestic terrorists. The fact is that these men and women serve our country and then come back to suspicions because they wore the uniform of our military. The list goes on and on of the atrocities that this administration is responsible for when it comes to the freedoms of Americans.

            • awesumtenor

              Gina that rant would be so much more effective if you were wearing a white sheet and hood and standing in front of a fiery cross…

            • iwant_todie

              Is this a joke? AHC? You mean the Affordable Care Act? The ACA? EPA? The Environmental Protection Agency? No, pretty sure you mean the NSA. Benghai? You mean Benghazi? This one has been repeated so many times ad nauseam I don’t know how you fail to spell it correctly? I guess that’s the problem with watching Fox News and listening to Talk Radio though, you don’t actually have to read words and learn things.

            • Rhonda Clark

              MINORITIES HATES WHITES …your racist….your racist..your racist NEVER LISTEN OR TRUST THEM..,,get your white kids off street….COUNCIL OF CONSERNED CITIZENS…NEW NATION NEWS..ANGRY WHITE DUDE…BEFORE ITS NEWS..WHITe GIRLS BLEED ALLOT…KNOCKOUT GAME UTUBE…BLACKS CALL FOR RACE WAR….LATINO WILL KILL WHITES…DO NOT HIRE WHITES…..CIVIL WAR 2014 USA….illegals carry non drug restiant TB no cure , millions will die..EBLO out break in Africa..utube…..see minorities killing whites daily.beat them daily..WERE AT WAR….web Mexico shooting at border…ILLEGALS = WHITE GENOCIDE

          • Dusquene Whistler

            Official language? No such thing. Not in the USA. A primary language, yes, but no “official” language. That would hurt somebody’s feelings apparently.

          • Olog Hai

            Official language? No, there’s no official language.

            • jumpstart

              Yes there is, it’s called “political correctness” and you better not violate any of it’s
              “p’s” and “q’s”, or I’ll be offended.

          • Jim, A TRUE patriot

            If you don’t know how this POS in Chief has disgraced our once great nation then you really need to stop watching MSNBC and listening to Ms. Tamponearrings and WAKE UP!

          • Pam Hampton

            Really, are you serious? Thanks for correcting the grammar error, but the world still looks at us as a bunch of fools and that is how he has disgraced us (he has not helped our image). We don’t have an official language in this country, by the way. Please educate yourself. Some states have decreed an official language, but not the US Gov. I guess ignorance is bliss.

            • rick_drysdale

              It’s not Obama that the world, whoever that is, feels disgraced America . It’s the people on sites like this that are seen around the world. The people in the picture are not the brain trust of America. sorry people but when you stand up and act like idiots don’t be surprised when people think you are an idiot. Another thing , get spell check and use it, it’s not brain surgery.

          • Jack J Jones

            Because he is a DAMN Muslim supporter.

            • ibelieveinfreedom2

              forget ‘suporter’

          • ibelieveinfreedom2

            “Use the official language correctly”? You seriously have a problem especially considering you can’t make a sentence that makes sense, and I quote, “It’s due not do.” Do tell, what ‘language’ are you talking about?
            Do you understand that the freedoms of this country aren’t just about how much you can steal from other people via government so you can be a parasite?

          • Jack J Jones

            I don’t have enough time to explain it to you as you would not believe anything anyway. Thats the liberal way..

          • T.N

            Are you REALLY THAT F’N STUPID???!!!

          • Steve Centers

            when you so really refuse to be educated & use the official language correctly.

          • R Lee Urbanski

            Really you are talking about the correct use of the official language

          • Toad

            So I used the wrong word, I made a mistake. I’m confused as to how that led you make the wild assumptions about me. Do you even think for yourself or do you just regurgitate the nonsense you’ve been spoon fed over the years?
            As to giving to this country I have, I served in our military during a time of war , I knew it meant I could be injured or killed & did it anyway to defend the rights of dingbats like yourself. Your welcome.
            I have helped people less fortunate than myself when I could. Im a strong believer in giving a hand up but never a hand out.
            I’m willing to bet you don’t know the difference.
            Im also willing to bet I’ve done more to leave this country a better one than you ever will with your self serving protests or marches. If you even bother to do that.
            The only benefits I expect in this world are in the bill of rights.
            I would rather & have worked 3 jobs @ once than lower myself down to the level of standing with my hand out saying “give me , I deserve it.”

            • jumpstart

              it’s called “entitlements”, a clever disguise for “reparations.

          • jumpstart

            Reap the benefits of this nation?, like free cell phones? terminal welfare? you better go out and start hugging Pedro, he might share with you. How exactly has President Obuttman “disgraced” this nation, by fogging a mirror.

          • crazy farm girl

            He has given billions to Islamic extremists. He has intervened in other countries to displace leaders and put in more Islamic extreme leaders.. (Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood) He has done away with jobs not only for whites (no one cares about that) but for blacks as well. By creating only min wage jobs and jacking up min wages he has pretty much eliminated the opportunities of the black youth to get off the system. At the minimum he has made it even harder. He has tried to start a race war in order to install Marshal law. He has brought Jihadists to our country to carry out jihad in America. Jihad enslave blacks all over the world and torture them horribly. They kill Christians and homosexuals regardless of race and gender. They rape children. By trading an American traitor for 5 jihadists, he has unleashed the hell that is happening in Iraq at the moment, as the leader of Isis was one of those five jihadists. He has claimed this country for Islam and come hell or high water he will deliver it. But you keep on defending him. Either you are also an enemy of America or you are willfully stupid. Or maybe you just do not know because you can not see any news that does not come from the prescribed media Obama endorses. And that is only a handful of things Obama has done to America. We have not even talked about His personal cronyism, or how he has taken tax dollars from OUR people to give to the Jihadist and to vacation with his entourage… Seriously? how can you even ask that question the list is so long it would take hours to even touch on all of the the ways he has harmed and disgraced us as a nation. Maybe you will give a damn when someone you love is finally harmed by him?

            • Laura Collier

              Yep. You summed it up nicely. Thank you.

          • Rhonda Clark

            Hope we all just take back our nation Not Gop, or Liberal thing BLACKS are RIGHT GET ILLEGALS OUT

          • Rhonda Clark

            Sir, please look sir..web: Illegals carry non restiant TB …no cure for this strain…SR, Obama is dropping them off in EVERY BLACK CITY..

        • rick_drysdale

          due not do. Get an education Toad.

          • Toad

            Really is that the best retort you’ve got? Yes I freely admit I used the the incorrect word. Ooopsy! People make mistakes. So fucking what.
            The thing that bothers me & should you as well ,liberals answer is always education more education but sadly you have absolutely no reply , no argument to what I actually said. To me that shows a serious lack of ability for critical thinking. I feel bad for you , I truly do.
            Up to your neck in student loans & working some menial job because you don’t possess the intelligence or drive to use it.
            Good day simpleton.

            • rick_drysdale

              Toad , I’m 67 years old .Self employed most of my life. Retired at 60 . Never had student loans because I actually worked to pay off my education. As for your comment…

              “6 years of obama disgracing this country & all you can still do is try & blame President Bush? Silly little liberal fool give credit where credit is do.”
              I commented on it a bit above the do vs due comment.

      • ohio granny

        blind little squirrel.

      • NateOgden

        you do know ISIS just stole tons of WMDs in Iraq, if they didn’t exist, like you seem to believe, then how does ISIS have tons of them now?

        • Creation Stepper

          you’ve got to be kidding me.

          • ShaShaLin

            How can he be kidding..? WMD was sent to Syria and now ISIS has the most while Iran, has the other portion.. Have you not kept up on the News?

            • ibelieveinfreedom2

              That’s doubtful, these leftist morons are allergic to facts. They like to get their news from so-called comedians or MoreSocialistNewsBroadCast.

              • Kim Thomas

                yep the propaganda press brain washing the public, hell they even appropriate money in the budget for it. I can see obviously it works. Damn Sheeple helping to bring this country down. Ignorance rules.

          • maxparrish

            Please try to keep up.

        • VLW

          Not true, they stole uranium that was at a university for research purposes, and is not enriched, which makes it nearly impossible to weaponize. They also don’t have facilities in which to do so. Here’s the article

          • NateOgden

            you Liberals sure are poorly informed. go catch up on your news then come back.

          • jumpstart

            “nearly impossible”, is that anything like “virtually impossible”?

      • TyrannyNutBuster

        Wow, what an ignorant plantation sheep you are! WMDs were eventually found and it was Democrats and Republicans in Congress who authorized Bush to enter the USA into war. Without their blessing, war in Iraq would’ve never happened.

        Nothing pisses me off more than having to deal with clueless, ignorant Americans. Wake the fck up or stop voting on skin color only, fool.

        • Creation Stepper

          wow. no WMD in iraq. how f****** stupid are you people?

        • VLW

          Do some fact checking before spreading lies:

          • Mary Curry

            In 2005, satellite photos show convoys of trucks leaving manufacturing centers heading for the Syrian border. Those trucks were eventually found to contain chemical weapons. The same chemical weapons used on the Kurds in northern Iraq by Saddam. Also the delay in investigation and monitoring allowed Saddam to rebuild their nuclear plants and to renew their stockpiles of Uranium.

          • jumpstart

            “Obama called for a $3.5 million dollar earmark for the Annenburg Foundation THAT SPONSORS FACTCHECK.ORG…..

        • jumpstart

          and it was a bipartisan vote to fund the war………that includes “What matter does it make!” cankles. But it’s hard to discern the truth when your eyes are fixated on the likes of Rachel MadCow.

      • ShaShaLin

        Apparently you haven’t been watching the ‘real’ news.. They found the WMD.. It was given to Syria… And Even Chicken News Network even reported on that.. So Bush didn’t lie.. I never like Bushed nor voted for him or his father, but I will say this, least they didn’t sell us to the Highest Bidder like OBAMA has.. One good thing that makes me sleep well at night, is knowing that you too will be in a FEMA Camp right along with the rest of us… And the difference between you and I is, that you’ll want the Next Persons food, because you are entitled to it… And your Traitor in the White House will go down as the Worst PRESIDENT EVER… Not something I want to be proud of.. But than Birds of a Feature, flock together…

      • ruthinindiana

        Syria got the weapons of mass destruction from Saddam and you are too ignorant to look at the truth. Just keep preaching the message of salvery to the blacks in America, Romney would have done better by them.

        • ibelieveinfreedom2

          You are an ignorant SOB. The weapons of mass destruction were found. The fact that the socialist democrats of the left LIE to you and you believe them will not change the facts. The only LIARS were and are still the socialist democrats you vote for. Grow up and do your homework and quit parroting their propaganda!
          Tell us all how much the socialist democrats of the left have done for the blacks, women, gays, etc… Enlighten us with your lack of wisdom. We could all use a laugh. The fact is every one of those groups has been hurt by socialist democrat leftist policies. Just like in the story above.

      • Nancy

        Try to catch up to the news. The WMDs were found quite some time ago and a bunch more were found in the last month hidden in bunkers below ground just inside Syria.

      • Nancy
      • Nancy
      • Nancy
      • jumpstart

        Cue reality sounds. The G.B. war was a “Bipartisan Vote”, both sides voted to go to war. It was a “Bipartisan Vote” to fund the war, both sides voted to fund it. The person who advised Bush on WOMD was a Clinton appointee. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your terminal ignorance. You might be able to get a refund on your lobotomy, it didn’t take.

      • Jaye

        Wake up. You are a fool if you think Americans haven’t died under Obama, Obama care is killing people daily.

      • Laura Collier

        They are all a bunch of liars no matter what party they claim to be. And none of them have any of our best interest at heart, they just laugh when they see us being pitted against one another. Anyone with an ounce of brains can see that. Stop hating and start loving. All of our citizens need to band together, regardless of background, and demand our country back from the horrid, lying, greedy, perverted, nasty politicians of ALL parties. They all need to be tossed out and we need total reform by honest people who really care about the United States of America and our citizens. Evil can come from both the far left and the far right. And for the record, I am a constitutionalist and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. But I am NOT a bigot or a part of the right wing or left wing party. Wickedness to the hilt.

        They both want to keep us fighting against each other so we won’t come together as the true brothers and sisters that we are and toss their butts!

    • rick_drysdale

      It’s always like that. Religious nuts vote for religious nuts , child molesters vote for gay people. And on and on .

  • Desiree Seifert

    Obama would do the world more good in a BODY BAG!

    • Rhonda Bantsimba

      That is absolutely disrespectful & unacceptable language. You are an embarrassment.

      • TyrannyNutBuster

        But you were okay with the same language spoken by Demonrats about George Bush… You high and mighty hypocrite. Go sit down.

      • Jim, A TRUE patriot

        Listen, Rhonda Batshitba, What Desiree said is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Don’t even try to call me racist for saying that either, I hate is white half too! It is the unintelligent people that voted ONLY ON COLOR that are an embarrassment.

    • Wendell Craig Woods

      YOU need a visit from the Secret Service! It’s going to happen!

      • TyrannyNutBuster

        I bet he’s shaking in his boots now! While you’re busy reporting him, be sure and report the millions upon millions of Americans who believe the same way, fool. Not everyone lives on the plantation with you.

      • Kim Thomas

        Do you know how many people across this country agree with that statement about Obama…I would guestimate about 3%..You will be on the phone for hours. Idiots…I swear. It will be that 3% that take this country back. Hooo Raaaah

  • ohio granny

    The reality is that if Obama could run again the black community would likely vote in lockstep for him again. He is the worst president ever for many reasons. If blacks would open their eyes they would see that the democrat party’s treatment of them is because they know no matter how they treat them, they have their votes. The democrats are buying Hispanics just like they have bought blacks votes. Democrats have no qualms about destroying communities if it buys them votes.

    • lonestar

      When Jesse gets out of prison, will they vote for him again?

      • Cuffs

        What about your wonderful mayor? All he can do is curse up a storm, thumb his nose and worry about supporting Barack Hussein Obama. Both don’t give a damn about the people & problems in Chicago.

        • Rhonda Clark

          Why don’t US, blacks riot ,,, and help close the border..THEY STEALING OUR WELFARE MONEY,, AND FOOD,, AND KILLING US DAILY

      • tiztiz

        Jesse is too messed up in the head to run again.
        Let alone get elected again. But stranger things have happened.

        • Sams_1

          Mayor Barry (Mayor Barely)

    • susandanielspi

      But wait until the blacks realize that Illegals are going to get preferential treatment. They were just someone for Obama to step on to get elected.

      • tiztiz

        George Bush Jr got elected twice. Did whites realized-> “They were just someone for Bush to step on to get elected” ?

        • Jaye

          I know! He ruined the white community by taking away all of our jobs, he ruined the economy, he opened the borders and let in hundreds of thousands of illegals and he made white people go on welfare and if they get married, they lose it. Oh wait, my bad.

          • tiztiz

            Yes he did – lol

            • Jaye

              Yeah all those white on welfare.

    • jumpstart

      it buys them votes, dead or alive……

    • Willie Pagan

      The answer is simple… a national move to switch the Black Democratic vote to Republican… A Republican President would kill amnesty and save our jobs for all true Americans… why allow this administration to throw you under the bus… wake up… organize and vote republican…

      • Sams_1

        or to Black Republican there ares some great ones

        • BMW4100

          Sam…. there is NO such thing as a Black Republi KKKan…!!!

          • Rhonda Clark

            YES 99% of blacks hates whites and so does other minorities WE KNOW YOU DO ..AND WANT US DEAD..I can actually tell the beat us daily and blacks lyinch every you had more white people for slaves and for longer..see my post look up YOUR ALL MOSTLY RACIST BEATING BUTCHERING RACE CARD THROWING LIBERAL CONS..

        • Rhonda Clark


      • BMW4100

        Willie … that will NEVER happen so stop with the weak bull shit proganda… we the black people do not want a Jim Crow for president…!!!

        • Capt Doug

          you may be a BMW snob, but your history is stupid STUPID, democrats
          started the KKK and you still had one of them in congress in YOUR
          lifetime. Get educated before you run your mouth.

          • BMW4100

            You dumb fock…!!!

          • Rhonda Clark

            I checked the KKK and Black panther, the Jew, the Muslims are liberal democrats sir

        • Rhonda Clark


          • BMW4100

            Go BACK to the HELL Hole you Crawled OUT of…. Racist Red Neck BITCH…!!!

      • Rhonda Clark

        Fight for your right NOT TO BE INVADED…..NO JOBS ..Never again will I vote for DEMS

        • Jaye

          I too, am a recovered lib. I was active in local and national politics. Too often, I walked out of meetings feeling very uneasy. I am now an independent and I really search different sources for information cause the media isn’t truthful.

    • breakemoff43

      And neither does Republicans.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Sorry to say but the African American community was lied to again. Maybe it’s time to ask what has Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Danny Davis done along with all the other Black south side politicans who made all these grandiose promises years ago? They have padded their wallets on the backs of the voters. They have sold you out for illegal’s who are going to be given financial aid
    They live like kings all the while the people that voted them in still talk about slavery. These voters have been made slaves by voting these people into office. Quit looking at color, quit looking for what you will be given. Quit looking at the (D) next to the name on the ballot. Your children and friends are bejng killed. Create your own opportunities! We’re all Americans and America has been hijacked by a group of people that use race and wealth to destroy our nation.

  • TyrannyNutBuster

    “Who will be harmed most by amnesty? African-Americans.

    One of the sleeper issues surrounding the debate on amnesty for illegal immigrants – an inconvenient one that no proponent of a widespread amnesty wishes to acknowledge – is the devastating effect so-called immigration reform will have on African Americans.

    The black unemployment rate is almost 11 percent, far higher than that of any other group profiled by labor statistics.”

    STOP VOTING FOR DEMONRATS. They have used you like they ALWAYS have throughout their party history. They are the ones who bought your ancestors and enslaved them on their plantations and enriched themselves. No different than what they are doing today.

  • Linda Rucker

    I’m so sorry for the loss of life, for the tragedy unfolding in black communities across this country, but this is the reaping. I hope that these tragic and painful events are a wake up call to black Americans. Liberalism is a disease that kills and your children are the victims.

  • finishstrongdoc

    Plantation System: Buy a man, woman or child and that person is your property for the rest of his natural days. Sold down the river like in Slavery Days. I think back then they even had black men who would shill for the slave gatherer, and go in and play some game to get a man in a place where they would conk him on his head and then next thing he knows, he’s headed down the river. That’s the same here today with Obama.

  • Lisa Raquel

    Brought me to tears. No one should ever have to endure such a tremendous loss. I hope that the person/people responsible are brought to justice.

  • ladycatnip

    Mr. Curry, my heart goes out to you and yes, I will pray for you. The catastrophic grief you are experiencing is unspeakable; no one should have to go through this. I pray God’s mercy and comfort for you and thank Him he has brought such a dear woman to help you through this. I pray many more will come and surround you, hold you up and protect you as you grieve over the loss of your precious children. We are praying for your grandchildren and their loss as well. God bless you, dear sir.

  • authemis

    the saddest thing is this will not change anything. They will still vote for the D over anything else and they will still vote for skin color over everything else. I have no sympathy. next election they will vote for the same criminals as the last, based on the most superficial and mundane reasoning as before. They continue to put themselves into this situation. Instead of asking why thing are the way they are, they will scream racism, and pull the lever once more. Obviously they don’t want it to change, or they would change it. The definition of insanity repeating the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. Maybe someday they will awake, but until then, they put themselves where they are and will continue to have no sympathy.

    • RedPillRenegade

      As if the Republicans are any better on this issue. Are you guys forgetting that Reagan gave the biggest amnesty to illegals in history? Are you forgetting that Bush wanted another amnesty? That McCain also wanted amnesty? This is a problem with both parties. This is NOT a partisan issue. Both parties have an equally bad record of doing nothing with the illegal alien invasion. We’ve had 20 years of Republican administrations since the 1980. And just about 20 years of Democratic administrations in the same time period. Tell me what EITHER party had done to actually stop it? I have your answer. Not a damn thing. Neither party is our friend on this issue and both are trying to win over the Hispanic vote by seeming pro-immigration.

      • authemis

        I am fully aware how horrible the Rs are on this also. neither party has done a single thing. Truth is I see little difference between the Democans and republicrats. They both only care about what they can do to make themselves rich. That’s why everyone who goes to Washington leave with more money than they went there with, unless you are a tourist. As for my comment above, I have changed my voting habits to reflect what I see. The definition of insanity is still repeating the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

  • Dan H

    Obama is rolling out the red carpet for Latinos and completely ignoring African Americans. Maybe this will wake them up. The only party that wants to give them (and everyone) a FAIR shot at success in America is the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Democrats use them for votes then ignore them. Same as they will do to Latinos in time.

  • Pat_Loudoun

    No one is ever going to accuse black voters of having high IQ’s. 96%? That’s simply embarrassing.

  • ruthinindiana

    My hearts breaks for them. Enough is enough Chicago! Show Obama that America needs to come first, illegals need to go home.

  • Wm Thomas Capps

    These residents can only blame themselves for violence. The Government cannot end it no law can end it. If they believe that some government fix can be done to end the violence in their city. Then they are not bright! It is the parents fault for not raising their kids properly. If they go to school and choose not to take education serious who’s fault is it? So those who can no longer stand the violence; demand a larger police force! Take education serious. Get tough on the gangs. But quit asking for the government for answers when it is your responsibility.

    • RedPillRenegade

      Many people do raise their children right and because they live in those communities, the kids may end up being innocent victims to violence. When white kids die in mass shootings, I don’t hear anyone saying, “it’s white people’s responsibility to fix their own bad kids”, first thing I hear is blaming the government for not enacting stronger gun control. If there was another Sandy Hook type shooting tomorrow, I guarantee you nobody will go on TV and say, “white American, we have a problem, we are not raising our kids right!” No they will come on TV and blame the government for not doing enough to stop gun violence.

  • ibelieveinfreedom2

    These people voted for obama because he’s black (identity politics is foolhardy). They thought he would give them utopia and everything for nothing, after all, didn’t he pretty much promise them that? Well, stupid is as stupid does, that was never a possibility. If only they’d looked at him for what he is rather than what COLOR he is, they’d have known he has no interest in them at all! obama is a muslim who hates America with a passion and is hell bent on destroying her by destroying all Americans whether they are black, white, green, purple or orange.
    These ignorant, racist dumbmasses were too busy calling conservatives ‘racist’ for exposing the truth rather than concerning themselves with demanding the truth be exposed. Well, you get what you deserve, live in it, and don’t complain to the rest of us who are forced to live with your stupidity. Government is never the answer to this kind of problem, government is what causes this kind of problem. It is up to YOU to be independent, responsible, educated human beings. YOU reject that idea and want government to be your ‘sugar daddy’ so you can live a life with no responsibilities. You have a right to choose, but you must accept the consequences of your choices. Deal with it.

    • RedPillRenegade

      First off: there aren’t enough blacks in America to put Obama into office.
      Obviously it took tens of millions of white voters to vote for Obama as
      well. I’m sicking of reading that “it’s the blacks that put Obama in
      office!” Way more whites voted for Obama than blacks in absolute
      numbers. Blacks are only 13% of the population, we don’t have the
      numbers to put any candidate into office on our own. Obama would not be in office if nearly half the white population didn’t vote for him. So quite making this a race issue, asshole.

      Secondly: What proof do you have that they voted for Obama solely because he is
      black? If Herman Cain were running against Hillary do you think blacks
      would support Herman Cain? Of course not. So you can’t say that
      blacks will just support a black candidate because he’s black. And blacks voted in the same
      numbers for Clinton. If you want to know why blacks vote mostly
      Democratic, there are historical reasons for that. There was a time when
      most blacks were Republican, back when it was the party of Lincoln.
      When Republicans started employing the Southern Strategy to win over
      segregationist Dixiecrats in the south to the Republican party, that’s
      when blacks left the Republican party and never looked back. The
      strategy worked and the south has been solidly Republican since. If you
      don’t know what the Southern Strategy is, in a nutshell, people like
      Nixon and Goldwater made appeals to racist, white resentment in the
      south who were angry over de-segregation. This isn’t ancient history
      either. The Southern Strategy is still employed to this day, except it’s
      couched in language such as calling Obama “the food stamp president” or
      referring to the Affordable Care Act as “reparations”. These people
      know exactly what they are implying. GW Bush’s strategists used it when
      they accused McCain of having an illegitimate child with a black woman
      at the South Carolina primary when in fact that was an adopted
      dark-skined child from South Asia. The Republican party has treated
      blacks like shit for decades now and people like you blame blacks vote
      entirely for Democrats.

  • Buttercup

    Did they say “worth” president or “worst”?

    Proofreading on the most satisfying word in the piece, please.

    • Jack J Jones

      Spell check is better

  • Jack J Jones

    You asked for it, now you are getting it.

  • Jack J Jones

    Take ALL those that cross the border and drop them off in Las Vegas and Frisco and let Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi take good care of them, and all the other Liberal politicians home towns and see what their folks think of them instead of pushing them where they are not wanted. That will slow down the flow for sure.

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      Place them directly in the homes of piglosi and dirty harry. Then check the voter rolls for all the stupid socialist democrats and drop a few off in each one of their homes. Let’s see if anything changes after THEY personally have to take full responsibility for their stupidity.

  • Nan Martin

    Like these problems are not everywhere in America? Actually the residents need to help also, unify and help with the problems. Volunteer in the community nd get active with the children. I do it and so co can almost anyone.We need to love ourselves nd each other enough to do so. It is not up to 1 man it is up to all of us. Have a better day. ~smiles~

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      That’s all well and good, but these people voted based on race expecting obama to use the government to ‘fix’ all that ails them. NONE of them wish to take responsibility for themselves. This is the crisis socialist democrat policies created and the morons who keep supporting that idea are the same ones who are being hurt. They do not want to fix the problems themselves, that’s the whole point. They have been brainwashed into dependency with socialist democrat propaganda that promises to take care of them from cradle to grave. That is the root cause of the problem.
      They voted based on RACE in other words, the racists only hurt themselves but they call conservatives racist when they insist on voting for the content of the character rather than skin color.

  • Jack J Jones

    It’s too bad that you pay so much attention to the likes of Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and all the other liberals that are stirring the pot of hatred. If enough of you folks would speak up by getting on the radio and other news outlet and the internet and expressing your feelings about how you are be kept prisoners for your vote, maybe thing will start to change. It will not get better until more of your community wakes up and speak up.

  • enochmubarak

    Unless a African American is speaking out loud complaining about the first black president then it is like Christmas Eve in the black community whereas….

    “all throughout the house, no creatures were stirring, not even a mouse. The black folks cowered on the plantation with despair hoping soon that the white people will be there.”

    By and by someone told the African Americans that reading books is the way to freedom, prosperity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but the African Americans replied from their actions that…

    .”If waiting for the white people to come is wrong then I don’t want to be right because ain’t no book gonna save me!”

    …And so the white people came

    White people came and joined the African Americans in their civil rights struggle. White people did not have to support the African American struggle but they had respect for blacks that had the courage to stand up for the ideals, symbolism and dignity of the Red, Green and Black flag.

    White people came to Africa to help with the black struggle. White people came into the inner city neighborhoods and schools to help teach African American children.

    The white people came and built housing to keep African Americans in their communities. The white people came and built banks so that African Americans can save money ………. but the African Americans will have none of it.

    Instead of civil rights, schools, Affordable housing, bank loans and libraries African Americans want President Obama to find or create for them a job or opportunity. African Americans want unlimited unemployment extensions and affordable housing only in white areas.

    African Americans want banks to make it easy and affordable through no interest charity loans to be able to shop in the white areas and eat in white restaurants.

    African Americas protest and keep their children out of African American schools because they want to raise and educate their children alongside white people’s children.

    It is not enough that the white people came into the African American inner city neighborhoods and areas bringing with them the avenues of opportunity for African Americans to do for self.

    Doing for self means supporting their own black businesses and reading how to books. African Americans treat reading books like weapons of mass destruction and supporting black business is a waste of time because African Americans don’t read enough to know the infinite benefits of supporting their own enterprises.

    …so the African Americans wait for the white people to come again.

    The white people came again but this time they showed up with high powered rifles to shoot and kill any black person trying to escape uptown during the Katrina hurricane.

    The white people came on cruise ships to Haiti during the earthquake to swim, have sex, sip wine, eat caviar and drink champagne from their lavish cruise ships as they watched, pointed and rejoiced at the black dead bodies laying crushed, decapitated, mangled and twisted in the streets of Haiti.

    The white people came back into the inner city neighborhoods and areas to shut down your schools, cut off your welfare and suspend private funding. The white people came and left taking with them their magnanimous gestures of African American opportunities and on the way out they let the Spanish players in.

    … and the Spanish players don’t take prisoners.

    The Spanish players as of this writing have the African Americans surrounded and engulfed as they cut off and deplete the African Americans residual resources of land, food and water.

    The African Americans sit idly by on the 21st century plantation watching their own destruction, demise, elimination, defeat and extinction hoping in their hearts that it will only happen to the other African American family and not them.

    When African Americans are asked about their condition and as long as African Americans refuse to open up and read a book then..….

    …It is all Barack Obama’s fault.

  • rick_drysdale

    Everything is Obama’s fault now. I wonder who really organized this . Poor Chicago , the armpit of America. And it’s all Obama’s fault. Wa Wa Wa .

  • Gary Warren

    The anguish of the father above supercedes anything I might otherwise say. I can’t imagine losing two of five children. Bless him in this time of pain, and may God bless him to find a way to forgive and heal.

  • Rob

    So because Obama left Chicago high and dry, because they’re already Democrats, is pissing them off?
    Is it the fact that they thought that his skin color meant he was going to take everything from Whitey and give to them, and it turns out he could give two shits about them, that’s pissing them off.

  • teflonron

    Give me, give me, give me… You’ve got a whole new potential give me group. Hey, you get what you vote for.

  • DistrictOne

    It is time finally for the black communities to grow up and take charge of their own lives. And stop playing the slavery card. You were saved from deadly tribal violence in Africa and far worse lives if your ancestors had not been brought to America, willingly or not.

    Go see the movie “America” and realize opportunity is in your own hands now, not in more government handouts.

  • Grace656

    Nothing hurts more than to be betrayed by someone you trusted implicitly.

    • DistrictOne

      Tell me true, did you think Obama healing fainting ladies at his 2008 campaign rallies were a clue of what was to come? Be honest.

      • Grace656

        Not me senor – I was never fooled. lol

  • DistrictOne

    You are right about one thing. You got short-changed by Obama. But you are wrong still playing the slavery card 400 years later.

    Listen up, slavery was NOT my fault. It is YOUR fault you let your lives become dependent on Obama handouts.

    Be cool and take a lead from every other person who boot strapped their lives with even greater hardships than living on the US dole and race guilt card for 400 years.

    • Kim Thomas

      They been living on handouts since L.B.J.. He fixed it that way so the black community would be dependent on the government and thus get their votes. Also as a senator he brought about 501-C3, tax exempt status for churches, so that they could control votes encouraged from the pulpit. And so the history goes

  • DistrictOne

    You want reparations? Then first pay back all the advantages you got living in America.

  • 1azdeb2

    Amen. We are AMERICANS first. This is our country!!!!! We stand together.

  • Ron Yeary

    Hey Guys this is the CHANGE you voted for !

  • R Lee Urbanski

    They don’t agree with Obama? yep they sound like a bunch of racist’s to

  • Vox Populi

    I am very sorry for that man and his family, but elections have consequences you can’t help someone get into office because of their skin color you will get a MORON every time. You know you’re in trouble when the low information VOTERS start complaining!!!!!

    • RedPillRenegade

      Uh, there aren’t enough blacks in America to put Obama into office. Obviously it took tens of millions of white voters to vote for Obama as well. I’m sicking of reading that “it’s the blacks that put Obama in office!” Way more whites voted for Obama than blacks in absolute numbers. Blacks are only 13% of the population, we don’t have the numbers to put any candidate into office on our own.

  • hcc2009

    That thing he said last, about Bill Clinton, is true. Bill Clinton cares way more for people of color than Obama does. Obama hates people of color. He also hates whites, of course, because his own psyche is a house divided. He’s got a race war raging in his brain, and has used race to divide Americans and make his own abuse of power unimpeachable (literally). I don’t fault African Americans for their desire to vote for him, for emotional and historical reasons. But I wish they’d waited for someone more authentic. Cory Booker comes to mind, but there are many others.

    • leftist Royalty

      Haha Clintons of Arkansas …where poor people are evicted everyday by slumlords – after paying rent ! … same bs you whites have been playin’ all along – guess what sucker , we ain’t buying it.

      • hcc2009

        You can choose not to buy if you like, but I’m quoting a black guy from Chicago … the one in the video. So before you bring race into this why don’t you check your facts?

  • cat48

    Wingnuts are linking to you.

  • Laura martinez

    Most illegals crossing the border are good innocent children but some are also gang dangerous members. Who will pay the cost to help the illegals? From the hard worker American citizens’ taxes of course. This will also affect our economy for higher taxes. In other words we the Middle Class Citizens are going to pay for everything! :-( Help defend human rights my link is https:

  • Jeff Noncent

    it sad to see a father is trying to say to the leaders of Chicago, and the United State of America to do there Job, and there Job is to protect the citizen here from crime and violence and they can not even do it, that sad, furthermore I believe that if the black community would stand together for that cause, we would see something change, OH! by the way we can not wait for them to do there job its up to us to do there job for them

  • Kim Thomas

    This is what’s going on right now people. You really should read this, it will explain the reasoning behind it all and why its being done. Be prepared.

  • Cuffs

    Too bad Barry is so “disengaged”. Apaarently the border and Chicago bore him as they do not excite his stratospheric intellect, as Valerie explained. Barry and his Battle Ax should just vacate the White House and the people can then elect a president who cares about this country and it’s citizens, instead of photo- ops, golf, parties, fund raisers and long vacations. Barry has been and is one lazy,
    arrogant excuse for a leader.

  • theonethatlived

    Here in North East Florida there are shootings here everyday. There is “operation cease fire” targeting the core black communities. Not working out to well. Just this morning the first 2 reports were of 2 teens killed in drive bys. Cousins living a few blocks from each other. Police are overwhelmed with it all. Neighbors are frightened, yet there is little cooperation from them. “They” know who these shooters are and why, the are just too intimidated by the thugs. Yet, “they” get on the news videos and say just what these people are saying.
    Just what is the president~any president & leaders~supposed to do to help a group of people that live as they do. Sad a pregnant woman was murdered~father says she was a good daughter, sister, mother, but nothing about “wife”~she already had 5 children, who is responsible for them? Who pays for food, clothing. housing for them? Is the government supposed to keep pouring money and resources into this mess. These people and many others are slamming the president/leaders for spending on the illegal immigrants, many we know of right now are all those kids sent by their parents. What is the government supposed to do for them? Oh yeah send them back. That will show them. There is lots more going on concerning this that has not been revealed and we may not ever know only those getting their hands dirty truly know the scope of it.
    Are these people angry due to their loss of financial support paid for by the tax paying citizens?
    Why should there be anymore hand outs to people within a community that is not working to help themselves? This murdered pregnant woman with 5 already is not unusual for them. It is deep within the culture. Who is it that gets the worst of it?THE KIDS!
    I say enough PC running scared from the “activists” that show up when it fits their agenda. Especially when it has to do with a caucasian and a black. When will the NAACP and other groups that say they are there to help actually step into this mess and DO SOMETHING other than have new conferences, make statements, collect money then fade away. It is up to these people to “police and regulate their own.”

  • Trialdog

    I pray God comforts you Mr. Curry. I cannot imagine your anguish. Have faith in our Lord and you will find peace.

  • A Guy In Texas

    And if you voted for Obama in both elections, raise your hand. All raised their hand, what a shocker. Look into the mirror then and start by blaming yourself for falling for the slick sales pitch of an empty suit.

  • Z Arnes

    I see a lot of “Amens” “prayers” “god” from people here, yet the fact to you are bashing the president for trying to help illegal mothers and children is very unchristian to me. Jesus would never deny food or shelter to ANYONE, yet you people, and yes I said “you people”,the small community of fake a*s Christian who only use god when it’s convinient should re-read your bible and follow his rules when it comes to helping the needy. If yours upset that your kids are being shot in Chicago, well that behavior starts at home. It’s not the presidents fault that you cannot raise your children to be respectful human beings. People need to stop blaming Obama for their problems.

    • ibelieveinfreedom2

      You are USING ‘God’ for your own purposes. No God would not refuse to help these people, but that does not mean he would allow them to be parasites either. He would EXPECT them to take RESPONSIBILITY for themselves. God would also EXPECT that those who have SWORN AN OATH IN HIS NAME to uphold the laws of our land would ENFORCE OUR LAWS which means these people would not be here in the first place! How inconvenient is that for your fake argument?

    • Steve

      we need to take care of our American people FIRST!

    • RedPillRenegade

      Maybe God would tell people they should stop irresponsibly having kids that they can’t afford to clothe, feed and educate without telling nationals of another country that it’s THEIR responsibility to take care of the kids YOU produced. If you can’t afford to take care of your kids, then stop fucking having kids. Use a condom, use the pill, birth control is cheap. And if you’re unwilling to do that, then quit fucking like rabbits. And if you do have a kid, they are now the responsibility of that parent, not the US taxpayer. People need to quit bringing religion into this.

      • Z Arnes

        You are clearly one of those fake ass Christians who uses the bible when it’s convenient. Your entire spill on using protection is a major problem in the US already with ALL RACES fucking like rabbits but you got again fake ass Christian people denying cheap birth control to it’s people because why? Fucking religion. You motherfuckers will be judged one day for the hateful shit you do when it comes to the poor and needy. I’m by no means a Christian but I have a conscious which people in this country lacks of it. Again blaming Obama for your sorry ass problems is pathetic. Get your shit together and do the right thing and stop blaming others for your problems. Regarding those innocents kids coming here for asylum (besides the fact that we have a law signed by the republicans dip shit president Bush in 2008) we have to protected them and give them a fair trial before anyone is deported back.

        • RedPillRenegade

          I’m not a Christian, I’m an agnostic/borderline atheist. When I mentioned “God” it was only in the hypothetical sense. And my point is the same as yours, I get tired of people using religion to justify whatever is conventional to them at the moment.

          And no, there is no population problem in the US. Without immigration, the fertility rate of American women is at replacement level, meaning the average American couple has 2 kids. Americans are not wildly reproducing. The population is growing ONLY due to mass immigration and the higher birthrates of the countries those immigrants come from.

          And if you want to help the poor and needy so much, then nobody is stopping you from adopting one of these kids yourself. You are welcome to pay for their education, room and board, food and healthcare. But I bet you won’t spend even a dime of your own money. Like a typical pro-amnesty person, you’re all too happy to shove it off on the taxpayer. Unless YOU are willing to sponsor one of these kids in full(and that includes the $10,000 a year it costs to educate them in public school), you have NO right to tell others that they should be forced to. Taking in impoverished and needy people from other countries means we will have to spend our resources on them and ultimately that means diverting resources away from plenty of needy people already in this country and using it for foreign nationals. They are not entitled to our tax money. And once again, I don’t want to hear the likes of you telling everyone they are obligated to take care of them until I see you take some of these kids in yourself and pay for their education and healthcare. If you aren’t willing to do that with your own pocketbook, then shut the fuck up.

  • T. Bagger

    Clearly this is the beginning of a tidal wave of black votes for Republicans! Let us rejoice, fellow conservatives!

    • scm111

      Probably not. They’ll just swing to the next libtard in line promising them freebes and more gun controls.

    • Norman Robinovitz

      No, unfortunately, many of them are almost as stupid as you. They will probably continue to vote for their destruction.

      But these people illustrate that light is starting to show through the cracks.

  • Pimptabulous Syko

    Ron Paul’s lookin’ reeeeeeeeaal nice right about now, huh? lol

    Next time there’s an election you want to participate in, just ask yourself this: “Which candidate, of all those running, are both
    sides of the media punishing? Which candidate do both partisan sides
    hate? Which candidate can’t seem to keep his head above water due to the
    ridicule of both Fox News and MSNBC? Which one are they bashing on CNN
    and AM talk radio?” Whatever the answer is, that’s usually the one that’s running for the people, and not for the banks, wall street, the fed, & the elitists. That’s the one they hate because he can’t be bought off. Hopefully
    this last couple of decades will become a lesson learned, but I doubt
    it. Americans are so ridiculously partisan, and absolutely refuse to do anything other
    than slap labels on one another, that I doubt anything will ever change.
    You’re trapped in a false paradigm of lies, Americans. Wake up

    • Norman Robinovitz

      Get a grip, dude. Ron Paul never looked good. It wasn’t the media that was his problem.

  • Jaye

    Talk about low information voters. The Black community voted for Obama because of skin color and thought he was going to pay their bills. Maybe, just maybe now they will pay attention and realize the libs have been screwing them for years. when he was running for office, he told us he would do this. Nobody listened.

    • RedPillRenegade

      The irony of you calling someone “low information”. What proof do you have that they voted for Obama solely because he is black? If Herman Cain were running against Hillary do you think blacks would support Herman Cain? Of course not. So you can’t say it that blacks will just support a black candidate. And blacks voted in the same numbers for Clinton. If you want to know why blacks vote mostly Democratic, there are historical reasons for that. There was a time when most blacks were Republican, back when it was the party of Lincoln. When Republicans started employing the Southern Strategy to win over segregationist Dixiecrats in the south to the Republican party, that’s when blacks left the Republican party and never looked back. The strategy worked and the south has been solidly Republican since. If you don’t know what the Southern Strategy is, in a nutshell, people like Nixon and Goldwater made appeals to racist, white resentment in the south who were angry over de-segregation. This isn’t ancient history either. The Southern Strategy is still employed to this day, except it’s couched in language such as calling Obama “the food stamp president” or referring to the Affordable Care Act as “reparations”. These people know exactly what they are implying. GW Bush’s strategists used it when they accused McCain of having an illegitimate child with a black woman at the South Carolina primary when in fact that was an adopted dark-skined child from South Asia. The Republican party has treated blacks like shit for decades now and people like you blame blacks vote entirely for Democrats.

      • Jaye

        “Republican party has treated blacks like shit for decades now and people like you blame blacks vote entirely for Democrats.”
        I put blame where it is due. What have the Sharptons, Jacksons and Reids or any other democrat done that the Black community can look back on and say that has been a benefit? Nothing. Who treats whom like shit.

        • RedPillRenegade

          Sharpton and Jackson are not elected politicians. They have no power to pass regulation. Why are they even being brought up? And where do you get the idea that most blacks follow Sharpton and Jackson? They aren’t relevant in the lives of average black people. They are mostly about themselves, and getting their face in the news. I’m no fan of either of them.

          • Jaye

            I you think that the pundits don’t don any power you are sorely mistaken, they have the president ear. He takes advice from both. Your point was that the right treats Blacks like shit. I was just pointing our the biggest throwers. What about any other dem? Name one that is going to bat for Black families. One. Just one. Obama, Michele, Sheila Jackson, Waters. Why is the Black community being hit the hardest in the recession. Record high SSI, welfare, and not forget unemployment. Where is the outrage.

            • RedPillRenegade

              What is your evidence that Sharpton and Jackson have the president’s ear? There is none. In fact Jackson if anything thinks Obama doesn’t have close enough ties to the black community. I don’t see any evidence whatsoever for a close relationship between Obama and Jackson or Sharpton.

              • Jaye

                Sharpton and Jackson reported on MSNBC that they were consulting on Black issues and Trayvon. Obama has said he counseled with Jackson, since Chicago. All have been to the WH. “Showing up for six visits while keeping hope alive was Jesse Jackson. … is offering the Obamas, but they seem to like him more than Al Sharpton, who’s visited the White House twice.” Again, name one who is helping the Black community.Can’t do it, can you?

                • RedPillRenegade

                  The people helping the black community aren’t going to be national politicians. It’s going to be teachers that make a difference, churches that get kids involved in positive activities, community organizers that take a stand against gangs, neighborhood watch organizations, people that arbitrate gang conflicts, people that open businesses in undeserved communities(Like Magic Johnson). People that bring attention to the disproportionate effect the war on drugs has had on black men and work to get fair sentencing. These type of people aren’t going to be household names but they make a difference.

  • Grey Mare

    The pain in their eyes goes straight to my heart. I can’t imagine losing even one child to violence, let alone two. May God bless them and help them to heal.

  • Laura Collier

    Watch both videos, but please watch the second video all the way through, and pray for that man in the orange shirt and his family. He lost two of his children in 1 year. From senseless violence in Chicago. Please pray for all of the cities in America that are in the midst of chaos and senseless violence and murder. Keep the family of innocents in prayer , and pray that the violent would see the error of their ways. The Lord abhors violence. And he says that pure and undefiled religion before him is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. We should be weeping over what is happening to our country and focusing on our citizens… Their safety, and their ability to lie their head down at night without fear….. It makes me sick, and this is just my own personal opinion, that professional athletes, movie stars, famous musicians, and the like, make millions and millions each, and our government wastes our tax dollars on frivolous things, such as million dollar vacations, and our own citizens in our own country has pockets of places where people go to bed hungry and have to worry about being murdered every single day. I am NOT a socialist by any means or by any stretch of the imagination but it’s easy for those of us who live in safety not to give a thought to them or to think it’s their own fault for living where they do and not trying to move elsewhere, but some people do not have the means to move, and some people want to stay where they were born, in what was once a good place, and make it a better place than it has become. Let’s hold those up in prayer, those who are able to leave, but stay for the sake of their community, to help them out and help make change. Positive change. Not this BS change that’s been being talked about. Forgive me, but I am passionate about this, and I cannot stop crying over that poor man and his family and what they’ve been through in a city just five hours from my house. I never give thought to that kind of thing. But I promise before God,that I am going to now.

    The Book of James, Chapter I

    1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

    2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;

    3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

    4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

    5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

    8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    9 Let the brother of low degree rejoice in that he is exalted:

    10 But the rich, in that he is made low: because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away.

    11 For the sun is no sooner risen with a burning heat, but it withereth the grass, and the flower thereof falleth, and the grace of the fashion of it perisheth: so also shall the rich man fade away in his ways.

    12 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

    13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

    14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

    15 Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

    16 Do not err, my beloved brethren.

    17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

    18 Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

    19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

    20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

    21 Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.

    22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

    23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass:

    24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

    25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

    26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.

    27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

    • RedPillRenegade

      Pray may make people feel better, but it doesn’t solve any actual problems. Only problem solvers putting in work solve problems.

      • Laura Collier

        Yes prayer does make me and others feel better and it also doesn’t impede my/or their problem solving ability, it enhances it :) that’s the best part <3

        • Laura Collier

          P/S I took the red pill too ;)

  • Crosshairball

    I thought Chicago was a “gun free zone”.

  • John

    You know what the problem really is? The fact you keep putting the African-American thing in there. You see you are either American or you are something else. Just wait all of you who voted for this guy out of some warped sense of ethnic pride, once he gets all these illegals into the country. You think unemployment is bad now. But you all defended him because he was “African- American” suckers every last one who voted for him. He is still playing the race card today. Oh and don’t worry about the scabies, the TB and other diseases that they bring across with them because they will get Obamacare and get free treatment. Well free for them anyway we will all be paying for it.

    • Clarisse73

      Oh, I see! You’re one of the idiots who thinks the refugees are full of disease and just can’t wake to infect your precious little ones. What is far more likely is that they’ll be getting lice, in THIS country, because they are often in cramped, unsanitary circumstances while waiting to be processed.
      And why wouldn’t we vote for Pres Obama? Did you actually expect blacks to vote for crazy McCain and his empty-headed choice for VP? Or the Ken Doll who grins and smiles whiles he takes over a company and sucks the life out of it, leaving long time workers with nothing? Why don’t you just try thinking, for once in your life instead of spewing out the same tiresome remarks?

      • John

        Yup you drank the Kool Aid all right. Funny thing the “Ken Doll” was right about everything he said so far. Oh and as for the diseased immigrants, they are not refugees by the way how many can we put you down for?

        • Clarisse73

          Refugeees, John, refugees. I know you feel better thinking of them as illegal immigrants. But they are actually refugees fleeing from the violence of Central America.

      • John
      • John

        Lets get one thing straight right from jump street, they are not refugees and calling them that doesn’t make them refugees. They are illegal immigrants bottom line and should be sent back to where ever they came from. And yes they are carrying all kinds of disease just listen to the CDC for Christ sake. As for the Ken doll as you put it everything he said would happen if the week sister was elected has happened. So you voted for him based on his race, isn’t that special.

        • Clarisse73

          Hey, John, why don’t you post a link where the CDC says these children are bringing all sorts of disease to this country? Hmmm? Or maybe you have been listening to that brain-dead congressman who keeps saying that the refugees are infected with the ebola virus. Too bad he is too thick to realize that the ebola virus originates only from Africa, not Central America.
          But people like you don’t worry about the facts, do they? Fantasy is so much more fun. Another tired line of people like you is, “You voted for Pres Obama because of his race.” Do you realize that Pres Obama could not have been elected without the votes of other people, not just blacks? I’m sure you will come up with some other foolish reason to explain away the fact that whites, blacks, browns and yellows all voted for Pres Obama.
          Your problem is you can not stand that Pres Obama won, not only that he won the 2008 election, but the 2012 election as well. Ha ha!! I am laughing as I imagine the gob smacked shock on your face, as the next President of the United States turned out to be….President Obama!! Awwww, just when you were about to break out into your happy dance. Well, that’s alright, Johnny boy, you had plenty of company.

  • leftist Royalty

    Every black run community / city is in the same situation, why ?

    • Watchman333

      lefitist Royalty

      The Black communities have brought a curse upon themselves. See my comment above which reads “MY posting picture is my sign that I carry when protesting abortions in the city reads: ” REPENT & VOTE AGAINST ABORTION TO STOP THE CURSE OF MURDER IN OUR CITIES, GEN 4:10,11 which reads: ” And He (Lord) said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand;” In the 2012 Presidential Election, Obama, the most pro death abortion President ever victory in Illinois was due to an overwhelmingly strong vote total in Cook County, which includes Illinois’ largest city, Chicago. Obama won Cook County by 74%. Note! all of the cities with a high annual murder rate, the black majority voted for pro abortion, Democrat candidates to continue the “legal” murder of the innocents and the curse on their young. GET THE CONNECTION (CURSE) ?

  • JuzziMaeBeRizhi

    African leader+African people= Africa

  • stormykitteh

    Jesus wept. SO NOW will they sew fig leaves into aprons?

  • Mrs. Lyons

    That’s the thing you do go complain to the president about city problems. No, national problems and looming war isn’t important stop everything you are doing and fix Chicago because Chicago’s crime problem just started in the last decade. Democrats Republicans neither of them can fix Chicago or any other American problem for that matter because they are always tied up in legislation fighting each other for their own interests. There is no overnight answer to any of these problems. Not only do you need solutions, you need years and years of follow up. With Chicago you have generational gang bangers, extreme poverty, people still having 8 kids with 0 jobs and few people voting

  • Tre

    These ignorant blacks probably didn’t even vote. Obama needs to do something about Chicago? WTH? He is POTUS! Not Mayor of Chicago or Governor of Illinois. R.I.P. Chicago!

  • Norman Robinovitz

    They don’t care about you, sir. They only want your vote.
    God Bless You And Keep You.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    I am PLEADING that everyone that voted for Obama read this Democrat timeline that begins with the year 1830: The Democrats are NOBODY’s friend but their own self-serving selves. They have NEVER been a friend of the Black race. Guess what – they are NOT friends of the White race either!! Please know that it was not until 1854 that some Whigs (conservatives) and some Democrats with a conscience joined together to form the Republican Party in order to stop slavery and abolish it. Fast forward to today, and there is no difference between most Republicans and Democrats. They have once again merged into one self-serving party. WE THE PEOPLE are desperately trying to create a split like in 1854, and find through the 2009 TEA party movement (Taxed Enough Already/Totally Engaged Americans) candidates that we can support that believe in America, and will uphold and honor the Constitution of the United States of America and Declaration of Independence, and the rule of law. We must be compelled to join together – Blacks, Whites, and everything in between to correct this situation and turn this ship around. If we don’t recognize and remove and stop voting in America’s enemies, our country will not survive and we will look like any country run by corrupt thugs. Chicago… the Democrats and Rhino’s, and the corrupt unions who are joined at the hip with the Obama administration have been and are robbing you and your children from having a good life…BUT you are NOT the only city that has sunk or is sinking. Please read about these other cities: Chicago – don’t get mad get even. Change the politics by voting in decent and caring leadership, and DEMAND accountability for every penny that is given your city. Actively seek out, solicit, and support good leaders. YOU MUST. I am praying deeply for the children most of all.

    • Clarisse73

      Really, Kathleen? How is your Tea Party supposed to help? They hate the government, they hate Pres Obama, they hate unions and the list goes on. They have their own axes to grind, so why don’t you just go ahead and take care of your own party’s business? I have no doubt that you are sincere and really think you can help. But what I’ve seen of the Tea Party leads me to believe that they are just as hungry for power and influence as the Democrats and the Republicans.

  • Watchman333

    MY posting picture is my sign that I carry when protesting abortions in the city reads: ” REPENT & VOTE AGAINST ABORTION TO STOP THE CURSE OF MURDER IN OUR CITIES, GEN 4:10,11 which reads: ” And He (Lord) said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand;”
    In the 2012 Presidential Election, Obama, the most pro death abortion President ever victory in Illinois was due to an overwhelmingly strong vote total in Cook County, which includes Illinois’ largest city, Chicago. Obama won Cook County by 74%. Note! all of the cities with a high annual murder rate, the black majority voted for pro abortion, Democrat candidates to continue the “legal” murder of the innocents and the curse on their young. GET THE CONNECTION (CURSE) ?

    • Clarisse73

      Oh, please take your anti-abortion sign and stuff it! The last thing these people are interested in your self-righteous foolishness.

      • Watchman333

        I lost my much loved 24 year old daughter on July 3, 2002 due to Drug OD. She turned to drugsbecause of the guilt of her abortion on September 29, 1995 as she confessed to me later. She lived in an upper middle class neighborhood with her mother for 7 years after her mother left me for other “men”. She was in a drug treatment program and off of drugs for 3 months. I did not know her drug of choice was heroine. On the night of July 2, 2002, she traveled into a Baltimore city ghetto with her boyfriend. who practiced Satanism, to purchase a very high “pure” heroine obviously unbeknownst to her, The police found her body, still warm, on the back seat floor of her new Honda Civic I was told that if her boyfriend called 911
        when she lost consciousness or dropped her off at a hospital because of the “miracle” anti-drug medication. Naloxone instead of abandoning her in Baltimore city ghetto alley she would be most likely be alive today
        caring father,, more than you, know his pain because I live with it whenever I think about her which is almost every day. Search the exact following words: “watchmen ministries anti slander “ and you will discover my relationship with my daughter.
        You would do well to read the rest of my site (testimony) to discover that you presently, with the spirits you possess, have a one way ticket to Hell if you do not repent and turn from your sins; especially, your false accusations of others “And the
        great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which
        deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels (demons)
        were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come
        salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his
        Christ: for the Accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before
        our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by
        the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:9-11

        • Clarisse73

          I sympathize greatly with your daughter and the guilt and pain she experienced after her abortion. But, Watchman333, this does not give you or your fellow anti-abortionists the right to attempt to take this choice from other women. Sad as it is, your daughter made a choice. Her miserable boyfriend made a choice. We all make choices. You have chosen to call me a b_tch because you are angry that I thought you cared much more for the “unborn innocents” than you did for the deaths of this man’s children.
          And why wouldn’t I feel this way? You made no mention of his children, either the 17 year old son or the daughter who was the mother of five children. Clearly this family has no need for your anti-abortion rants. Your suggestion that Chicago’s high murder rate is a just punishment because this city voted for Pres Obama, the “most pro death abortion President ever”, is quite shameful. And you need to stop quoting scripture and calling me a b_tch at the same time, it is beyond hypocritical.
          I do feel badly for your daughter and wish she had been able to talk to someone who might have been able to ease her pain and help her to forgive herself. We all make choices. What might be a good choice for one person, might be a complete disaster for another.

  • Mark N Starla Traina


    Chicago-Southside Residents Go Off on
    Obama over Amnesty: “Worst President Ever Elected”!

    Chicago Residents say that President
    Obama will go down as the WORST PRESIDENT in U.S. HISTORY !





  • John Chinn

    How do we contact these folks and let them know we support them / How do we get this message to our House of Representatives ? How cane we help them organize ? This mess on the border is spreading throughout America. This morning on WPHT Phil. a documentary film maker reports Mexican Helicopters flying over U.S. air space uncontested. In fact threatening the Border Patrol and they must on orders back up.

  • thatguyfromthesouthside

    Blacks need help from themselves. Mexicans and whites aren’t going to black neighborhoods to shoot and rob blacks, blacks are doing that to each other (but that’s President Obama’s fault). I fully support the undocumented immigrants are coming to this country looking for for a better life but not the blacks that stay in this country looking for someone else to blame for their own failures (“IT’S EVERYONE ELSE’S FAULT BUT MINE”). Blacks are the type of people that pee in an alley, complain that the alley stinks like pee and say President Obama hasn’t done enough to clean the alley. There should be another peace march through the streets because that has done soooo much to help the situation. And some people wonder why their neighborhood is getting gentrified….

    • bp294

      Well said. @Rebelpundit also needs a proofer, badly. I could hardly read the piece. Somewhere down the line, God help us, the hood has lost sight of the fact that this has been our language far longer than most other Americans, including white ethnics. We’ve proved ourselves quite able and agile at both formal or colloquial English for centuries in the New World, in the pulpit, in journalism, in common parlance. Accepting sloppiness, WTF-indifference or, worst of all, the idea that this-is-just-how-we-talk is a colossal insult to our forbearers.

    • Clarisse73

      And other people wonder why you are so cold-hearted and indifferent to their pain. But then again, what do you care? You will never ever meet them or get to know them, right? It’s all water off your Jacka$% back.

    • RedPillRenegade

      So you support people invading our country illegally? If you support them, then you are more than welcome to adopt some of these kids, and pay for their k-12 education, give them room and board and pay for their healthcare. If they are illegally in the country they are NOT entitled to our tax dollars. If you want them here, than YOU sponsor them yourself with your own damned money and leave the taxpayer out of it. Deal?

      • thatguyfromthesouthside

        I’ll gladly help those kids than the black animals ruining the great city of Chicago. These undocumented kids actually have a future, while those blacks kill each other and rob people at gunpoint on the Orange line but yet want to blame President Obama for not doing enough to help them. Just remember when the blacks are pointing their fingers trying to blame others for their problem they’ll three fingers pointing right back at the true problem.

        • RedPillRenegade

          I’ve seen your perspective before. It’s something along the lines of “I’d rather help the illegals than the blacks since they’ll be preferable.” Problem is, the blacks and any associated problems just don’t vanish because you are helping the Hispanics. They will still be here. All you are essentially did was double your underclass by throwing 3rd world peasants from Central America on top of the problem. And if you don’t think these Hispanic kids will become part of the underclass, then go check out Los Angeles. I grew up there my whole life and saw the demographic changes from decade after decade of illegal immigration. Any all Hispanic area has terrible schools, high drop out rate, crime, gangs, lots of people on public assistance. Go spend a few months living in East L.A. where MS-13(mostly illegals) kills people mercilessly and then tell me how much the illegals have a future. Until you actually go the barrios of Los Angeles and put your kids in those public L.A. schools and see what illegal immigration has done yourself, then shut the fuck up.

          • thatguyfromthesouthside

            I have family in Los Angles and visit them yearly and I would gladly trade those Hispanics for the blacks in Chicago. Work ethic, culture and a sense of family could do wonders for the blacks but it’s so much easier for those people to robs, cheat and steal their way through life. What meaningful accomplishments have Chicago blacks done for their neighborhoods? Why don;t you organize another useless march through the streets with Jess and Phleger because that worker soooo well for Leonore Draper. The vast majority of blacks in Chicago have exactly 3 options; gentrification, jail or an early death.

            • RedPillRenegade

              What meaningful accomplishments have the Hispanics done in Los Angeles? The blacks have been here for 400 years. They never asked to come here and didn’t come here voluntarily. They were brought here by whites. These illegals are coming here illegally. That’s the major difference. You can tell me how hard working they are blah blah, but the fact is they pump out kids like rabbits that they can’t afford and overpopulate their own countries then flee here. Latin American countries are corrupt shitholes. If their culture and value and hard work is so much then why aren’t Mexico and Central America looking like Switzerland? Why are they full of corruption, poverty, gang violence and murders? Answer that! If Hispanics make everything great, why are they fleeing their own nations because of gang violence? They are just going to recreate the same problems here.

              Look at this. $650 million dollars a year Los Angeles county spend in welfare for illegals:

              At least with blacks the population is stable, blacks aren’t flooding here by the millions from Africa. And they’ve always been here. Illegals from Latin American keep coming and coming and coming and have 5 kids a family and don’t believe in birth control. Their population is exploding. In a few decades the majority of the Unites States is going to be Mexicans. They have already colonized the southwest and everywhere you go people have signs up in Spanish and don’t want to speak English in public.

            • Me

              Shut up with your racist garbage. You make us Latinos look terrible.

        • Me

          You sound like a Latino who hates blacks. You are racist. I know. I’m from Los Angeles too and you can’t turn around without someone of Mexican heritage spewing racist or homophobic garbage.

    • Laura Collier

      Only a fool would support this invasion from the south. Wake up. It’s not just Mexicans coming through…. It’s Jihadists etc…. And only fat, lazy, self-absorbed entertainment-addicted Americans of ALL colors are stupid enough to allow this, which will certainly lead to the decline and fall of the American Empire. We are asleep at the wheel.

      And I can’t believe you are ignorant enough to blame an entire race of people for a small section of low-life’s. This is 2014. Skin color is only pigmentation. That’s like blaming my white friends who got tanner for certain problems. Ever heard of white trash? I’ve met so-called trash in white, black, and Mexican skin.

      I’ve also met some of the most amazing, loving, funniest, educated, intelligent, productive citizens of all colors.

      I’m white and I’d say my close friend ratio is half white and half black. And I take extreme protest with you dare to lump my black friends in the category you spoke of.

      Are you seriously going to blame established black hard working families for a neighborhood that gets trashed and is full of violence who are calling out for help? They’re in a war zone. In Chicago, the law abiding citizens are not allowed to have guns to protect themselves, regardless of their skin color, so people who can’t afford to drive away in their Mercedes to their rich neighborhood have to go to their jobs sometimes on public transportation or walk and have no way of protecting themselves and the criminals know it. And it IS Obamas fault that the guns a being taken away from the citizens. He WANTS an unarmed America so all these crazy things that are happening, like the southern invasion, can take place and we can’t do anything about it. Take a lesson from Hitler, et al.

  • jhsif

    What?! WHat happened to “YEs we CAN?! Change we can believe in! Hope! Change!” Where did ALL of that go?! Remember how EVIL it is to want Obama to FAIL! Remember! hee hee hee

  • sissi212

    I am sorry for your loss. Like you I voted for President Obama but he has been such a disappointment . In the future I will vote as an independent and never again vote along party lines.

    • Laura Collier

      I was charmed into voting for Obama the first time as well. Previously I voted republican. I just think their brothers from another mother I, like you, will never vote R or D again.

  • Da_Momayz

    I applaud your efforts ! Your biggest threat right now are the 748 illegal aliens (NOT immigrants) deported to Chicago. It’s time you unite and block those buses asap!

  • Sams_1

    Black is beautiful but the ones playing the race card are trying to make sure that they never realize this

  • lee steven

    Being the first Black President is not the fact he’s black but next time vote on a Black President that is a American and actually has a heart ..check for heart beat plz

  • I am… the Voice

    The US needs cheap labor. Period. We need to undercut the high wages unions have saddled American companies. These illegals will help with our economy by reducing the cost of labor. God bless you, President Obama.

    • RedPillRenegade

      If we need cheap labor, then make everyone who collects welfare, section 8 and food stamps be made to do some of these cheap labor jobs in exchange for their public subsidies. That would solve the welfare problem and the illegal alien problem.

  • Rhonda Clark

    NO MORE WELFARE FREE HOUSING EPT CARDS FOR BLACKS, and blacks …… Mexican Latino at war with each other , No more blacks working Thanks Obama you moron

    • Clarisse73

      You sound more like the moron, Rhonda.

  • Clarisse73

    What exactly do these folks expect Pres Obama to do? The poverty and violence in their lives is not a recent development. It hurts me to see their pain and sorrow, but what can realistically be done? Their mayor, Rahm Emanuel, seems to blame them for not coming forward when a murder is committed. He ignores the fact that there is no way he can secure their safety if they do come forward.

  • Jaye

    Yet they still latch onto Clinton as if Hillary didn’t have a hand in this. Can’t fix stupid in any color.

  • ShanaC

    Don’t know if it means anything, but if you enable CC for the first
    video (where the man in the orange shirt says, “He’s going to go down as
    one of the worst presidents ever.”) the Closed Caption for that
    statement says, “He’s gonna go down as a wonderful words president.”

  • Paul Carter

    Sadly, ohio granny is 100% correct. When discussing this issue with my family members, they acknowledge that President Obama and nearly every Democratic politician at local, state, and national level are pursuing policies that are harmful to our families and the Black community. When I ask why they continue to vote for Democratic politicians, they say, “Republicans are even worse.” Continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is one definition of insanity. In 1998 the movie, “Bulworth” staring Warren Beaty and Halley Barry touched on this issue; nothing has changed since then.

    As long as Blacks keep supporting Democratic candidates at 90+% election after election no matter how terrible Democratic party policies hurt them, neither Democrats nor Republicans will do anything for the Black community! Democrats can ignore Black issues because they know Blacks will still keep voting for them at extremely high levels: and Republicans will ignore Black issues because Blacks will not vote for them no matter what policies Republican pursue. Blacks are not even considered in the election calculus of either party. The really terrible thing is that Black politicians are even worse because they know what is going on, and are enablers; they lie to Black voters about how they should vote if they want their issues addressed.

    In my humble opinion, no voter, but especially not Black and Hispanic voters, should vote against their own self interests. Free trade ships jobs and wealth overseas while immigration, both legal and especially illegal immigration imports workers for businesses and poverty for American workers. If Blacks want to see their economic condition improve, they should demand “Free Trade be replaced with Balanced Trade.” They should demand a moratorium on all immigration, and an aggressive program to remove the incentives for immigrants to come to the US, i.e., legal status, jobs, and all benefits. If Democratic party politicians can’t or will not end “Free Trade” and “massive immigration” in order to produce good paying jobs for Black workers, consider Republican ideas. If you simply can’t bring yourself to vote for a Republican, then tell Democrats you will stay at home the next election, then stay at home. Voters gain nothing by voting against their own self interest. That how “value voters,” and “Hispanic voters” get policies for themselves.