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A recently released report details the results of an investigation of Chicago Public Schools by Chicago Board of Education’s Inspector General Nicholas Schuler. According to the Chicago Sun Times, it showed a system steeped in malfeasance.

Nearly $900,000 stolen from two Chicago high schools.

Lying CPS employees who skirted the system to get their own kids into the best schools.

School administrators who misclassified dropouts to make their schools look better.

And a CPS administrator who “engaged in questionable conduct” when a nearly $100 million contract was in the process of being awarded.

According to the report, one employee stole $876,427 with help from five other employees. All have resigned or been fired. In other cases, CPS employees lied about their kids addresses, putting them in poor neighborhoods, so their applications to selective enrollment schools would jump to the top. One school administrator wiped 300 dropouts from the books by showing the students as transfers rather than dropouts to improve their ratings.

In some of the cases, the individuals involved resigned or quit. In others, no disciplinary action was taken.

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  1. SCOTT

    Really Sad. They must have been caught ‘red-handed’ to resign or quit. No doubt the glorious NEA did everything it could to protect the jobs of the others. The kids end up paying the price when the smoke clears. Of course, it never really clears does it.
    What did the Mayor have to say about this anyway Marie, or did he say anything at all? Falsifying ‘drop-out’ rates numbers is old news too. It is one of the libs key weapons in fighting school voutures . Anybody remember what those are anyway?
    Sad indeed.


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