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On Friday, more than Assyrian Christians staged a massive protest and march against ISIS in downtown Chicago, which spanned five city blocks. Later in the afternoon an anti-Israel protest was being held at Federal Plaza.

So which protest do you think had a greater media presence?

Citizen Journalist, Victor Maggio told RebelPundit, “I saw one media outlet at this huge [pro-Christian] protest, ABC Chicago, and when I went around the corner to the anti-Israel protest, all of the Chicago media was lined up with their cameras.”

“There were 12 speakers on stage at the anti-Israel protest and about 20 people in the audience,” Maggio said, “and there were at least eight Chicago media outlets there to cover them.”

In the above photo you can see the massive size of the Assyrian Christian march, with one sign reading, “Stop destroying our churches.”

In the photos below provided by Maggio, you can see the small size of the anti-Israel demonstration with all of the Chicago media covering the small demonstration.

Anti Israel Protest 1

Anti Israel Protest 2

Anti Israel Protest 3

Anti Israel Protest 4




3 Responses

  1. kevin

    Sure, the worrld could care less about a christian demonstration that promotes peace, they want to hear about musslums bombing, and shooting, and kidnapping, and beheading innocent people all over the world. Well guess what, you beetter be careful
    what you wish for because it could be coming to your nieghborhood, school, mall, or government building and it won’t be sponsered by christians so wake up.

  2. Faran

    Anti-Assad Syrians have denounced and marched against Assad in their hundreds since January 2014. On 15 March 2014 London UK, over 1000 people marched against Assad and ISIS. No media attention, of course.


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