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A video response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, produced and released by now has more views on the video sharing website YouTube, than the Whitehouse’s official video of the address.

The video response was issued by black grassroots activists from President Obama’s “hometown” Chicago. The response was filmed at Wallace’s Catfish Corner, a restaurant the President used to visit with Congressmen Danny Davis, whose office is just across the street.

In the video, the grassroots activists expressed extreme disappointment in the President’s first five years in office, and has gone viral. It has also appeared on two Fox News’s prime time shows; The O’Reilly Factor, and The Kelly File.

As of February 6, at 10:55 am. CDT, the grassroots response video had 428,328 views while the Whitehouse’s official 2014 State of the Union Address (Enhanced Version) had nearly 2,000 fewer views at 426,440.

Not only has the grassroots activists from Chicago surpassed the President’s address in view count, but they have over 1,500 more likes than the President with 3,568. President Obama’s address also has 1,451 dislikes, while the grassroots activists only have 109.

SOTU View count

Here is another look at the grassroots activists’ response.

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