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The taxpayer-funded installation of a giant, gold-lettered “#RealFake” sculpture, placed by Chicago just opposite Trump Tower, serves as the backdrop for a cutting short film, “Chicago Carnage,” from RebelPundit filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus featuring community organizers Paul McKinley and Mark Carter.

The city of Chicago installed the sculpture just across the Chicago River from Trump Tower in a space that could only be intended to give a giant middle finger to President Trump late last month. The sculpture sits as perfect photo-op to take selfies and group photos flipping off the Trump sign, while standing underneath it right next to the golden sculpture that screams Real Fake.

Segal and Marcus have produced several videos around the sculpture over the past few weeks during the production of this short film featuring Paul McKinley, Mark Carter and a glimpse at the real city of Chicago.

Both say Chicago is a city that is overrun with very real deadly violence and poverty within a few short miles from this sculpture and it is by intentional design under the “liberal agenda.”

“It is ironic that this sign would show up right here, and not in front of City Hall,” McKinley says. It is a “great deception…” to distract people from “real issues.”

Carter says, “They are not trying to resolve the problems in this city, they need things to happen exactly the way they are happening….The fake news is that this city is a city for everyone….This is city for the elite.” He goes on to slam the city for looking like “a bomb has been dropped,” and looking “like a third world city.”

“Every day of the week there is a body count, 30 people shot up, 40 people shot up, that’s not real fake, ” says McKinley.

“They want you to be focused on Donald Trump being the problem,” Carter said, to which McKinley asks, “why are we all messed up, Trump just got in there?” 

“There is nothing fake about this guy,” said Carter, “he tells you what he’s about, the fake is Barack Obama, the fake is Bill Clinton.”

The Democrat machine is dummying down the people, socially engineering the people into poverty.

They want you to believe that there is some white racist Republicans or some white racist conservative doing this. No, this is the democrat machine, these are white and black racist Democrats that are doing this to us.

They don’t want the killing to stop. They need the people to continue to poor. They need these blood sucking programs, that have never done anything to bring down violence, unemployment and poverty.

McKinley says, “this is the most racist city and segregated city in the country, right here in Chicago.” 

Both McKinley and Carter suggest the “feds” come to Chicago to investigate the city council, state capital and the county,” to root out all of the corruption.

“And if Donald Trump wants to come here and get the real answers, come here and talk to the real people, and we’ll show you how things are working in this city,” Carter adds. 

“If he can do that,” says McKinley, “he can make Chicago great again.”



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  1. PristineKarma

    How true! Great vid! Does BLM know 1 name of the 3188 shot in Chicago this year? Guess not…racial makeup of those shot are 79% Black 16% Hispanic. They don’t give a lick about black/brown on black/brown slaughter. Another problem is truancy!


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