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This past Wednesday evening, Cedra Crenshaw who recently lost her campaign for Illinois State Senate is still leading the fight for Illinois residents. She is pushing hard for voters to call their local state representatives as well as Tom Cross the Republican IL-State House Leader (217)782-1331, (312)814-2053, to force an up or down vote on IL-SB600 Litmus Test for Party Reform.

Currently the Illinois Republican Party has an incentive not to fill vacancies for precinct committeeman spots with elected precinct committeeman, because the state party has a rule that county chairpersons can vote at the county conventions for their preferred candidate for precinct committeeman. This is one thing SB-600 would change.

As a precinct committeeman Cedra was bullied by her state central committeeman because she voted against him. The current process takes place in public at a large union hall, full of hundreds of people, where votes are cast by township and precinct being called out by the county chair, and as committeeman you have to shout out which candidate you are voting for, in front of everyone. This can obviously be quite intimidating, and due to Cedra’s vote against Roger Claar, she was added to the naughty list. SB-600 would also return the right to vote to the republican primary voters in private.

Because of this, when Cedra ran for State Senate, she was also cast off by her state central committeeman Claar, and the establishment from the top down.

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