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Chicago Teachers Union Turning on “Scab” Obama

CTU protesters

The members of the Chicago Teachers Union are fed up. However, their anger and frustration are not directed exclusively at Rahm Emanuel and CPS. Many CTU members have expressed disappointment in Obama’s response to the strike – now entering its 9th day. Emanuel, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have all made statements denouncing the strike.…

Occupy & Progressive Democrats of America Protest Wisconsin AFP Event

Occupy Protester Roseanne Barr for President

On Saturday, Occupy Milwaukee & Progressive Democrats of America showed up to protest an Americans for Prosperity event featuring Rep. Paul Ryan, Michelle Malkin, presidential candidate Rick Santorum and many others. We covered the protest for Education Action Group. The protesters were unable to answer simple questions and proclaimed the individuals inside the event “are…

Rebel Pundit Is One Year Old!!! Take a Look Back on Our First Year

Today is our first birthday at Rebel Pundit, we have gone from a one person operation to now having multiple contributors in just 12 months and plan to continue fighting back in Chicago. If you like what we have been doing, please consider hitting our tip jar with a couple bucks, all our work is on a volunteer basis. Thank you again for all of your support.

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