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While gang mobs are now a daily concern in Chicago, it is time for the everyday citizen to take control of what is occurring in our city. We have reported on the Memorial Day beach closing and gang mob activity over the past week and half, and the problem has since grown, causing the mainstream media to finally start paying attention to the episodes of violence and gangs attempting to dominate our streets.

Mayor Emanuel’s first response to the beach closings was to conceal and dismiss this issue. The issue is now at the forefront in a battle over our right to live in a society with as little crime as possible. The mainstream media’s decision to finally press the mayor, is not achieving any results. The mayor and the acting superintendent of the Chicago Police Garry McCarthy have stated they will get everyone of these looters, robbers, and attackers. But they have also stated, that the city is broke and can not afford to add adequate police to a force already depleted by at least 2000 officers. The attacks are now occurring on a daily basis, multiple times a day in a number of areas in or near downtown Chicago, and the lakefront. This is a great threat to our citizens and our guests.


It is time for the citizens to take on the responsibility of keeping our streets safe. We must make due with the tools at our disposal. And while we could all start carrying firearms, which would get us fined and arrested if caught, and our expensive personal protection devices (guns) confiscated from us, we are not without less costly options. If the police sincerely want to catch all of these violent criminals, we can help them. Twitter provides us all a way to stay in touch and on top of the issue at hand.

If the police and we follow the Twitter hash-tag #ChicagoMOBS, it can be used as an effective tool to help alert and warn citizens where the perpetrators are, but it can also serve as a tool to let the police know where they are. By providing instant updates to this Twitter stream, it doesn’t seem to far of a stretch that the police should be able to be on the scene of an offense quite quickly, and track and follow the location of the most recent offenders if someone using Twitter was nearby to report.

This is our city, we have let it go to the wolves, but we can still take a stand and help keep each of us safer. In the words of Big Sis, “…if you see something, report it…” and be specific about where, what and when you see it. If you have a Twitter account and are in Chicago, start following #ChicagoMOBS and start to keep an eye our for each other.

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    I am sad to say I have to pat with my Glock so I am selling it on milwaukee. This gun is the perfect self-defense gun, especially for open carry – but the fact that I am selling it online shows how silly the laws are in this state. I am a good judge of character and I will follow the laws to the letter when selling it, but the fact of the matter is that this system is completely reliant on the purchaser telling the truth. I am selling the gun because I lost my job, not because I want to, and I am selling it privately because I am legally allowed to do so, but I don’t believe I should be.


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