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On Wednesday, reported on developments in the ongoing political witch hunt of Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm against Wisconsin political advocacy groups, known as the “John Doe Probe.” Multiple developments have occurred since, which continue to indicate the prosecutors are in serious trouble.

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Following Judge Randa’s smack down against Milwaukee DA Chisholm and his cohorts from the Government Accountability Board, the now defendants filed an emergency appeal to stay Judge Randa’s injunction. The appeals court granted the stay which overturned Randa’s decision to force Chisholm to destroy all of the evidence collected in the John Doe.

Now in another dramatic turn of events the 7th District court has once again smacked down Chisholm, by reinstating the injunction and declaring his appeal to be frivolous.

To be clear, the Court is absolutely convinced that the defendants‟ attempt to appeal this issue is a frivolous effort to deprive the Court of its jurisdiction to enter an injunction. To recap prior proceedings, the Court allowed the parties to brief certain prefatory issues in advance of a ruling on the plaintiffs‟ motion for injunctive relief. The defendants raised a variety of issues in their motions to dismiss, including, for example, that the Court lacks jurisdiction under various abstention doctrines. See generally, April 8 Decision and Order. The Court rejected all of those arguments, and the defendants are entitled to pursue those arguments on appeal. The Court‟s forbearance in allowing the defendants to raise these issues cannot and should not deprive the Court of jurisdiction to enter an injunction in this case….

However, for the sake of completeness, and as requested by the plaintiffs, the Court finds that these appeals are also frivolous….

Therefore, the plaintiffs‟ motion to certify the defendants‟ appeals as frivolous [ECF No. 155] is GRANTED.

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