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Occupy Wall Street protesters have been arrested at a large illegal structure in the shape of an a-frame house erected on K Street in Washington D.C. According to our source on the ground, the structure appears to have been erected overnight. Occupiers are currently taunting police around the structure from the top by shouting profanities at them.

Mounted officers and foot police are on the scene. D.C. Metro Police Officer Taliaferro has confirmed five to six arrests have been made so far by the National Park Police.

Our source has also spoken to one the organizers of this “non-violent direct action,” who told him, they are planning on staging more arrests and asked him if he wanted to sign up to be arrested.

UPDATE: Occupiers and police are now clashing and more arrests are being made.

UPDATE: (4:50pm CST) 4 more arrests have been made. Our source on the ground has spoken to police. An officer told him they will use tear gas to clear the structure, and there is a fork lift on site to tear down the structure.

UPDATE: (5:20pm) 20-35 Arrests via USTREAM citizen journalist.

View the livestream here….

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