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Brand New Information on Grover Norquist’s Decades-Old Palestinian ConnectionInfluential GOP lobbyist Grover Norquist has ties to anti-Israel, pro-Hamas Palestinian activists that run deeper than anyone has previously reported.

Before we get to the new information, let’s go over what is already on the record.

Grover Norquist is the well-known Republican influencer who has been called the most powerful man in America due to his group Americans for Tax Reform and his anti-tax pledge. In the past few years Norquist has also come under fire from some conservatives for his involvement with another group he co-founded, the Islamic Free Market Institute, also known as the Islamic Institute.

Norquist helped arrange President Bush’s visit to the Islamic Center of Washington less than a week after the 9/11 attack on America.

One of the people at that high-profile event was Khaled Saffuri, the cofounder with Norquist of the Islamic Free Market Institute.
Saffuri, a self-identified Palestinian brought up in stateless exile in Kuwait, came to the United States in 1982. Saffuri got his start in Washington, D.C., in 1987, as Development Director with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, also known ADC — remember the ADC, because they’ll come up again in a minute.

Khaled Saffuri would go on to co-found the Islamic Institute with Grover Norquist in 1998.

Until now, that’s where the trail on the Grover Norquist connection to Islamic and pro-Palestinian issues seemed to start.

It’s also been widely reported that Republican power broker Grover Norquist married Palestinian Muslim Samah Alrayyes in 2004. Many critics of Norquist’s long and proven history of involvement and advocacy for Islamist causes have mentioned his marriage to Alrayyes as a potential clue to his motivations.

Norquist has responded harshly to the allegations about his connection to groups and people who’ve supported Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Norquist has called his high-profile critics ‘bigots’ and even used this influence to keep them from speaking at the conservative CPAC convention.

Never before Reported: Norquist’s Brother-in-Law Cofounded Islamic Institute

What has not been reported until now are Norquist’s other family ties to pro-Hamas Palestinian activism, including the previously unknown relationship with a man named Majed Tomeh who has been married to Norquist’s sister Loraine for decades and who was a co-founder of Norquist’s Islamic Institute.

Majed Tomeh is a long-time Palestinian activist. In the 1980s, when he attended Harvard Business School, Tomeh was the coordinator of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Boston…you’ll remember that this is same ADC that Khaled Saffuri was the national development director of in the same time period.

Why has Majed Tomeh never been mentioned by Grover Norquist as a co-founder of the Islamic Institute?

That’s a question that becomes much more interesting when you learn that Majed Tomeh is also Grover Norquist’s brother-in-law, who was married to Norquist’s sister years prior to the founding the Islamic Institute in 1998. That means the unrevealed connection between Norquist and Palestinian Anti-Israel activism goes much deeper than anyone had suspected.

I can find no record on the internet of Grover Norquist ever mentioning either his sister Loraine or her husband Majed Tomeh by name. The Tomehs live in the Boston suburbs, very close to Norqust’s hometown of Weston, where Norquists’ parents still live.

Grover Norquist got an MBA from Harvard in 1981. For historical perspective, this early 1980s is when Norquist was involved with the Young Republicans.

His younger sister Loraine graduated from the Harvard Business School MBA program in 1985. Again, for perspective, this is the same year Norquist started his group Americans for Tax Reform.

Majed Tomeh, who graduated from the prestigious Phillips Exeter academy prep school 1977, also is a graduate of the Harvard business school MBA program, according to his LinkedIn resume and other sources such as his consulting company biography for a company called Core Consulting. Also listed as a partner is Ramez Tomeh; I haven’t been able to determine their exact relationship yet.

Based on the age of their oldest daughter Alina, who attends Smith College, Majed Tomeh and Loraine Norquist have been together for over two decades. This might provide new insight as to how and why Grover Norquist became entrenched with Islamist causes.

The earliest reference I can find to Majed Tomeh and his activism is this Harvard Crimson article from 1988, as lists Tomeh as “coordinator for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.”

Every record I can find of Majed Tomeh’s activism points to support for Hamas positions against Israel.

This 1999 Petition taking sides in a dispute against the Palestinian Authority is signed by Majed Tomeh and his core consulting parter Ramez Tomeh. It lists Majed Tomeh past president of the Boston chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

The subject of the 1999 petition was a group that was jailed by the Palestinian Authority after writing a letter that criticized the Palaestian Authority for what it proclaimed was weakness against Israel in the wake of the Oslo Accords peace negotiations. Middle East watchers will remember that the Olso  agreement was the direct cause of rise of Hamas terrorism. As Dr. Amy Zalman explains:

Hamas began suicide bombings, a tactic borrowed from the Tamil Tigers, a militant Indonesiangroup, to express opposition to the Oslo process. The attacks, which killed Israeli soldiers and civilians, disrupted the negotiation process. Israel responded with various punitive measures that included banning entry of Palestinians into Israel and pressuring Arafat to control Hamas and other militant groups.

So put the 1999 petition signed by Majed Tomeh into historical context. It’s just one year after Grover Norquist, Khaled Saffuri and Majed Tomeh have co-founded the Islamic Institute. That’s when Tomeh signs the petition that supported people saying:

Yet, after six years of Oslo, more lands are robbed while settlements expand, the conspiring against the issue of refugees accelerates behind the scenes, and Palestinian jails close their doors to our own sons and daughters.

Another and more recent letter that Majed Tomeh was a signatory to in 2009 came just days after Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh had called for the the recommendations of the United Nation’s Goldstone report, which attacked Israel, to be implemented.

The Goldstone report was that Tomeh supported was actually later repudiated by the very person whose name is on. In a Washington Post op-ed titled Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimesGoldstone himself admitted that the report hadn’t been fair to Israel and had gone too easy on Hamas. Here’s what he said about the report supported by Norquist’s partner Majed Tomeh:

We know a lot more today about what happened in the Gaza war of 2008-09 than we did when I chaired the fact-finding mission appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council that produced what has come to be known as the Goldstone Report. If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.

Also in 2009, Majed Tomeh wrote a letter to The Nation about the article that compared the conditions of Palestinians to that of Holocaust victims:

Thank you for having the courage and principle to publish Nancy Murray’s opinion piece about the disastrous humanitarian conditions being inflicted on the population of Gaza, including its children. And thank you for publishing her comments and information about the Gaza Freedom March in December. It is time for Americans to wake up to the crimes being committed with our political and military support and our money.

Majed Tomeh

Bedford, MA

Dec 21 2009 – 4:12pm

Majed and Loraine’s daughter Alina Tomeh has continued the family tradition of Palestinian activism; she’s listed as President/Chairperson with Students for Justice in Palestine at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

On Samah’s side, both of Norquist wife’s sisters Sahar and Sarqh, who live in Chicago, are Palestinian activists who have taken numerous trips to Gaza and the West Bank, connected with the group Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). Sahar, a dentist, is also the treasurer of the Chicago chapter of the PCRF.

The entire family comes together on a page showing pledges for the Chicago Marathon where Sahar and Sarah ran as “Team Palestine.” One of the pledges came from the Tomehs.

Majed, Loraine, Alina and Natalie Tomeh Thank you for your dedication to the children in Palestine. ‘A-fa-kun!


Other pledges came from Norquist’s parents and someone listed as “Salwa Alrayyes and the Norquist Family.”

Indicative of the personal relationships with the Norquist family is that another person pledging to Sahar and Sarah was Grover’s ally at the Islamic Institute, Khaled Saffuri.


8 Responses

  1. JESSE

    There you have it is folks. I know now why President Bush allowed the Muslim Brotherhood into the white house. This idiot Norquist probably had everything to do with that. What does it say about the Republicans, they actually listen to him. Wake Up America.

  2. Hannah Szenes

    You stated that Majed Tomeh is the third co-founder of the Islamic Institute. But where is the documentation for this?

    Norquist’s additional family ties are revealing, but you’re missing the evidence to support the statement that Tomeh co-founded the Islamic Institute.

    I suggest you update this important article with the above.

  3. Mike Trivisonno

    Excellent article. Norquist and people like him, people who support and defend Islamic Imperialism to the detriment of America, should not be trusted. I hope that this article begins the process of exposing just how deep and wide Islamic influence has spread through our culture. Thanks.

  4. Jack

    Whatever with Norquist…I’ve never trusted the guy but for different reasons apparently. He’s an operative, for sure, but I don’t give politicians in Israel any more ‘benefit of the doubt’ than I do any here. They are all pathalogical statist control freaks who will do anything to gain more power and control over ALL people…whatever their religion or nationality. That Norquist helps them secure more “threats” to be used to control each POLS respective population makes him part of a long standing agenda in the US and in Isreal…and in the Islamic “world”.

    Your history leaves out important information readily available…like Isreali govt/Mossad roles in bringing Hamas to power (exhibit A: for example). This WSJ piece is a dicey overview and more detailed govt docs present the Hamas project in a less “unintended consequence” perspective I.e. Mossad especially, and the tired “similar to the mistake the US made funding radicals agaist the USSR” meme is resurrected here in the WSJ again, despite Brzezinski’s bragging that he helped organize the Islamists (who became al Qaeda) to LURE in the Soviets…not as a response. British intellegence played a key role in the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood…the lists go on and on.
    My overall point is, they know what they’re doing. These “ebemies” play a role in tge Grand Chessboard. Norquist may be doing work against tge interests of the average Isreali, sure. But he’s a functionary in a larger system making himself useful to the larger corporatist power structure linking elites in the west and Isreal. What he does doesn’t help the average arab in “Palestine” either…and once your in tge CIA…MI6…or Mossad, do you ever leave? Did the west bumble over and over creating these “radicalized Islamists” over decades and decades? Or do the elites have incentives to keep them around…and create more (see ISIS now for ex.)? Who in the US govt was held responsible for the largest defense failure in US history (9-11)? No one…”the system” was actually rewarded: more funding, creation of the DHS, near permanent ‘war powers’ and the evisceration of centuries of Common Law/natural rights freedoms. In sum, the people in all these countries lose their wealth and freedoms as their governments and their crony cabalist anti-free market corporate elites get more control and become more secret. These aren’t opinions…it’s straight forward objective historical analysis. Why give criminals the benefit of tge doubt just because they allow some people to ‘elect’ who they’ve already selected to enslave you?

    Everything I’ve noted here is availably documented in MSM, gov doc releases, biographies, etc. It’s not even secret. But listing it all in a comment would be difficult…and honestly, patronizing, as it’s practically common knowledge to anyone who has studied it a little or paid tge least bit of attention. I think it’s just the frame people aee handed that keeps them from seeing it for what it is…rather than what they want to believe it to be.

  5. Gerald

    “As Dr. Amy Zalman explains:Hamas began suicide bombings, a tactic borrowed from the Tamil Tigers, a militant Indonesiangroup…..”
    The Tamil Tigers were operating in Sri Lanka and they are native to the island. The Indonesians are of Malay stock and have had nothing to do with Sri Lanka.


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