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Representative John Barnes, a Cleveland Democrat, has filed a lawsuit against the Ohio Democrat Party. reported that the suit is based on false claims the party made against him during the election.

Barnes claims the party’s endorsement and support of his opponent was retaliation for his refusal to join the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, an organization within the General Assembly composed of African American lawmakers. All current caucus members are Democrats.

Barnes defeated opponent Jill Miller Zimon, who was endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party, in May’s primary election and was re-elected to his seat last week.

In a news conference Tuesday, Barnes said he is committed to serving his constituents and, at times, that has conflicted with the black caucus’ view.

“Black people need a voice,” Barnes said. “But they need that voice to be independent, they need that voice to speak to the issues that affect their community, they need a voice that is going to identify them not whether or not there is ignominious peace but whether or not it is the right thing to do so that ultimately we can all come together and work together as a state.”

Barnes used the phrase “plantation mentality” to describe the Ohio Democrat Party. He expressed concern about being forced to go through the black caucus in order to be heard. His attorney, a Republican, spoke about the party’s actions.

“They chose to tell lies about Rep. Barnes in order to defeat him in his election and the lies that they told related to the fact there was a system in place that African-American — black — legislators who are Democrats have to work through the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. White legislators who are Democrats don’t have to do that but black legislators do.”

The Executive Director of the party stated that Barnes wasn’t endorsed because he had voted with Republicans on several bills. Barnes said he waited to file the lawsuit until after the election so he wouldn’t hurt fellow Democrats running.

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  1. Navymum

    Good for him!!! The democrats have treated blacks like slaves on a plantation. “Here are your food stamps, your horrible schools, your unsafe neighborhoods, now shut up and vote for us.”

  2. Linda Nitzschke

    Good luck, Rep. Barnes…and don’t feel alone. We have similar things happening on the right with the rinos working against the true conservatives. Morality just tain’t too popular these days, it seems.

  3. Spysmasher

    An obvious racist! All black people are perfect in every way. Anyone who says otherwsie, even if they themselves are black, is a racist. This is the rule in the Democratic Party.

  4. Tom Simpson

    I also ran as a Democratic Party candidate for federal office in Queens, NY, in 1986. I too was treated to the most vicious campaign imaginable at the hands of the Queens County Democratic Party and Governor Mario Cuomo. Governor Cuomo vowed publicly “to throw every insurgent candidate off the ballot.” I had no idea what an insurgent candidate was. But it didn’t take long before I found out the hard way. For two months, I spent every day on my days off from my job at New York Air, collecting the required number of valid signatures I needed to get on the ballot for the upcoming NY primary election. I had help collecting signatures from my friends and associates, who were registered voters themselves, as required by law. I submitted approximately 2600 signatures to the Board of Elections. 800 of which turned out to be Republicans! But I had enough registered Democrat signatures for the Election Board to certify my petition to be on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress. It was Geraldine Ferrero’s old seat that I was running for. Fellow Democrat and Democrat incumbent, Thomas Manton would be my opponent in the Democrat primary. My campaign was driven by ideas and not by attacking Manton who was a former police officer and a decent guy. Instead I was running to reign in Wall Street in order to curb the rampant speculation that was drawing investments away from production. I I proposed a two tier credit system that would favor production with lower rates of interests. My campaign put forward a set of policy changes that would emphasize the importance of investing in NY ports, vital infrastructure projects involving water, power and high speed transportation systems. I also aimed to go after the one trillion dollar illegal drug trade. NY banks were involved in laundering hundreds of billions in illegal drug money. Funds that were used to prop up the global Dope Inc. apparatus that was flooding our streets with illicit narcotics. This issue alone caused the ADL to oppose my candidacy. The ADL is front for Dope Inc. which I knew beforehand so I was not surprised. Because I was targeted by Cuomo as an “insurgent” my petition signatures were challenged in federal court by the Queens County Democratic Party. Though I proved beyond a doubt that my signatures were legally obtained (18 of the many many people they must have subpoenaed, showed up to testify about their signing my petitions) But to the utter chagrin of the attorneys representing the Democratic Party, every one of the, mostly elderly, people who testified, said they had signed my petition) My life was even threatened in the courtroom when one of their slimy attorneys told me, “you better look under your car next time you start it.” But the judge in the case was under pressure from governor Cuomo to keep me off the ballot. And she did. She ruled against me, claiming that she thought it to be “preposterous” that I had collected all of my signatures within the time frame allotted by law. How could she do such a thing I thought to myself? After all, 18 hostile witnesses testified to a man that they signed my petitions?!! Here I was, a regular Joe citizen, not a career politician, exercising my right to run for elective office. But since I was not perceived by the powers that be, to be a member of the private club called, The Democratic Party, I was categorized an “insurgent” and removed from the ballot. Even though I had been a registered Democrat since returning home from Vietnam in 1968. The truth of the matter was, then and now, absolute corruption corrupts absolutely. And the two Party system is absolutely corrupt!

  5. theBuckWheat

    The Hive Mind Collective demands obedience. The Hive Mind knows what is best for everyone. Obey the Hive Mind and Utopia will finally come to humanity.

  6. Celeste Claverie

    God Bless you Rep Barnes for seeking the best for your consituents and having the courage and temerity to look outside the confines of your party. God Bless and Protect you, sir.

    • Tom Simpson

      This is another example of the Democratic and Republican Party’s “private club” mentality. A candidate may have good intentions. He or she may offer new and workable ideas to correct the problems afflicting the people in the district. But! They mean less than nothing to the Party bosses. You tow the line! Or you’ll find yourself on the outside looking in. And if you run for office but you’re not hand picked by the Party bosses, you don’t have a chance in Hades of making it! In the eyes of the good old boys, you don’t even exist! No matter how bright your light shines. Party politics have so thoroughly been corrupted that Citizens are left without a voice in Washington. The interests of the people and the nation are sacrificed to the special interests on K Street. What must be done? Remove Obama from office. Then bankrupt Wall St. with Glass-Steagall bank separation. The federal reserve system is bankrupt anyway, so why should we be forced to go down with Wall St. under Dodd-Frank? For the other emergency measures to reverse this depression and restart our economy, go to the website for an in-depth explanation of Lyndon LaRouche’s recovery program.

  7. Sovereign Mary

    I give John Barnes credit where credit is due in standing up for his principles and his ability to think for himself and not be a groveler to others agenda’s.


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