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Jesus “Chuy” Garcia announced the support of more than 100 African-American leaders in his bid to unseat Rahm Emanuel as Mayor. The Chicago Sun Times reported on Garcia’s press conference.

Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia landed support from more than 100 African-American leaders at a news conference Tuesday, including former Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele, educators and activists.

In endorsing him amid chants of “Chuy, Chuy, Chuy,” they said he has a proven track record in the African-American community.

“Chuy is a coalition builder, community worker, one who listens and works with his constituents,” said Steele, who called on Chicagoans to support him.

Other leaders endorsing Garcia included Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and Judge John Steele of the Illinois First District Appellate Court. The full list can be found on Garcia’s website.

The election for Mayor will be held on February 24, 2015.

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  1. George Kocan

    “Out of the pan, into the fire.” Really? Endorsed by Karen Lewis, a coalition builder, endorsed by 100 black leaders, another Democrat ideologue is going to fix the things that the previous ideologues created.


    AMEN to that brother, you hit the nail on the head ! Drove the nail all the way in with one swing !! Mr. Kocan has that right. Wake up America.



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