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Last night, Berkley, MO police shot and killed an 18 year old man at a gas station.

Police reports and surveillance video reveal that the man was armed and pointed a gun at the police.

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Shortly after, protesters arrived at the gas station, were they apparently engaged in a large brawl with police.

Berkley MO Gas Station










While police were making arrests, a relatively large explosion can be seen right next to the gas pump. KMOV reports that the police had set off flash bangs to disperse the crowd.

GatewayPundit has more.

8 Responses

  1. DR

    This is crazy …Obama needs to take responsibility for giving these people the idea that this is somehow justified. It’s not! 99% of the cops are good and are here to help us. I’m glad he shot the man trying to kill him …maybe now they will think twice before they go gunning for someone. It’s why I believe in arming yourself. The only thing that usually stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    • mike

      It’s actually worse than that. He signaled that the decisions of grand jury’s are not final and can be somehow trumped by mod rule.

  2. Tom Simpson

    If the US economy stays at depression levels, this will only get worse. In hard times like these, fanning the flames of racial tensions is a con man’s way to make money. Just ask the illiterate faker, Al Sharpton. Jesse Jackson on the other hand is a known entity and even though he was with MLK, he ain’t no MLK! But then who is? Few can honestly deny it, but the current rupture in the social order can be laid directly on the doorstep of the worst US President ever, Barack Obama.

  3. captain*arizona

    The nation is now polarized on both sides. Conservatism is most effective when the right is polarized and liberal want to compromise and the left is marginalized by the liberal establishment. Latest pew poll 54%of blacks now support gun rights so they can shoot back! This is up from 24% in last poll. Establishment black civil rights groups busy giving life time achievement awards to basketball team owners for the $$$ are now discredited when they say don’t go buy an ak-47 to shoot back with.

  4. SCOTT

    Yes. The cops definitely need to show resolve in and that they WILL shoot back, and to KILL if necessary. I would really like to see the members of one of these mobs completely rounded up with information gathered and shared on each one. Among lack of education, not having a Job, and NOT even looking. I am willing to bet that receiver of GOVERNMENT Assistance would be the MOST common denominator!. VERY likely many of these members are milking extended unemployment, and/or Social Security Disability. If it turns out to be so, and they destroy property or break the law from inside these mobs, their government assistance should IMMEDIATELY Cease. They are NOT Disabled, if they have the strength to fight cops physically. They are NOT looking for a job if they are burning down someone’s business. Right Sharpton?? Oh, they are working to help you Sharpton, I forgot… How silly of me.. If I am forced to pay all of them for not working for whatever reason(s) I am
    told are just, regardless whether I agree or not, then I should have a say on whether such individuals should continue to be paid.

    I get it that this nonsense is the main way to persuade these black people playing and falling for the ‘race bait’ game to get involved politically and vote, but enough is enough. There is a difference between lawful protest and anarchy. Most of this is anarchy… sorry left wingers but your backing these protestors based on free speech and 1st amendment rights loses justification when your ‘protestors’ burn and pillage or when those same folks infringe upon the same rights others have by ‘blocking access’ to places and creating an unsafe environment in someone’s neighborhood. To exercise ones own 1st amendment rights MEANS NOT infringing upon the 1st amendment rights of others…. and YES buying a DAMN PERMIT in New York. “We Can’t Afford ONe” is NO Excuse either lefties. Get a job and work so you can.

  5. Jesse

    You can say you want justice then go out and do looting. Who will take you serious ? Racial divide is widening for a civil war. I predicted that 1 1/2 yrs ago. Saying we are on the cusp of a civil war; Black vs. white. To be started by blacks.


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