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The Chicago Values Trio, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Pat Quinn, and Alderman Moreno, have been having a bad day–but it’s a banner day for Chicago Values.

First, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is being sued by the police officers he fired and replaced with his personal campaign staffers (add in an element of potential racism, which is also being alleged).

Then, Governor Pat Quinn and other Democrats were met with hostile union protesters at the Illinois State Fair:

The complaints from the state AFL-CIOand top public employees unions — including a rolling billboard that greeted Democrats outside their traditional county chairmen’s breakfast — symbolized the political forces surrounding a special legislative session set for Friday on pension reform. 

“We are united in calling on the governor to treat employees fairly and to recognize the importance of the vital services they provide,” said Michael Carrigan, president of the state AFL-CIO.

Finally, Alderman Moreno’s unconstitutional ban on Chick-fil-A has yet another extension (besides inviting the entire LGBT community to condemn Freedom of Speech).  The suspected gunman who attacked the Family Research Council building was found with a bag of Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Add DCist to the mix as scoring one for Chicago Values, this time for their bizarre and transparent inclusion of a description of a religious man attending the FRC press conference this afternoon at the end of their article. Not only is it a clearly tacked-on attempt to smear the FRC just one day after the attacks, but it’s done so poorly that they ought to be ashamed. Didn’t J-School teach the DCist writers better? Check out the last paragraphs here.

Apparently the DCist is eager to follow in the footsteps of the hate-inciting Southern Policy Law Center.

All in a day’s work, spreading Chicago values around the country. At least President Obama now has a marker to commemorate his first kiss with Michelle outside Baskin and Robbins. Good thing he didn’t try to take her to McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin.

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