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An Alabama man ends up with only $1000 out of an almost half million dollar settlement with the City of Birmingham for an incident of police brutality. According to The Root, $359,000 went to attorney’s fees and $100,000 toward expenses.

Even after settling with the city of Birmingham, Ala., one inmate will remain locked up, and as it turns out, his lawyers will get more of a payout than he will, reports.

Inmate Anthony Warren settled for $460,000 in a police-brutality lawsuit, but under the terms approved by the City Council and Birmingham Mayor William Bell, Warren will only pocket $1,000, while his attorneys will receive $359,000 in fees and he’ll have to shell out an additional $100,000 in expenses, the news site report.

The lawsuit stemmed when a group of five cops got hot under the collar after Warren led them on a high-speed chase. After Warren’s car flipped and he was captured by police, the five officers struck Warren.

The five cops involved were fired. Warren is serving a 20-year prison sentence for hitting a cop with the vehicle during the chase.

4 Responses

  1. SirRuncibleSpoon

    I heard this one today, and it seems to fit:

    “If you can’t be part of the solution, you might as well go to law school.”

    Come the revolution, the first ones up against the wall will be the lawyers, for sure. I think that last gratuitous remark came from “HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy”, a massively useful yet mis-informative compendium of all the knowledge of the galaxy and then some. Fell through a wormhole or something like that. Do not watch the movie; read the books.

  2. Al

    Perhaps a more appropriate headline would be “Bandits Make Out Like Attorneys in Police Brutality Settlement”

    • Jesse

      I think the laws need changed so the attorneys do not get the lions share but the victims do.That is rediculous that the attorneys get that much money. 30% should be plenty.

  3. Rocco

    There are lessons to be learned here that apply to both the criminals and the police. For the criminals; don’t run from the police and if you do, wear your seat belt. For the police; don’t beat up on the criminals and if you do, turn off the dash cam.


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