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Where is Brandon?

I stuffed a few overnight necessities into my Louis Vuitton bag with my I-Pad,  pulled on my designer jeans  and headed out the door. I would spend the night. The prospect of continuing excitement motivated me, so much unlike the drab tea party rally last year.

Yes, both groups lamented the Wall Street bailouts but this group offered more palatable solutions. The incongruity of their hero,  Paul Krugman, supporting the TARP bailout didn’t bother me. As my brutish dad would say, “bigger fish were to be fried.”

Although my friend Heather pointed out the insanity of solutions further empowering government to correct problems they had created made sense, I had practical matters to consider. Payments on my student loan of $100k would soon come due.

It had taken five years to get my degree in French literature and Anthropology. I had done the work, earned my way into the comfortable middle class, where was my job? Why should I have studied boring engineering like my father?

Yes, Heather had warned me that my curriculum should have come with a warning “these studies may not contribute to your job prospects” but they interested me. Yes, the outrageous cost of my education resulted from a multitude of subsidies given academia thereby making efficiency unnecessary. But I need help now. How could that insensitive Herman Cain say it was my fault?  They didn’t warn me.

Demand four of  Occupy Wall Street’s demands  called for free college education and demand eleven called for forgiving all indebtedness including student loans. It is a practical matter that draws me here.

I was reminded of last night’s  broadcast by Diane Sawyer  excitedly exclaiming that the Occupy protests had spread to a thousand countries while watching the scurry of the video media seeking the most mundane signs for their broadcasts. It struck me that they must know more than I did, as I remembered how they sought the most outrageous signs at the tea party rallies.

Gazing across the resting sea of fellow victims of corporate America, I noticed many were communicating on their Apples or I-Pads.  The irony of a product by a college dropout produced without government subsidies used to espouse government expansion caused me to reconsider where I was when my thoughts were interrupted.

“Hi, there,” said Jimmy.

I had met Jimmy yesterday. He had been out of work for nine months and responded to a Craig’s list  ad for paid protesters , although it paid less than  Occupy’s demand number one  of a $20 per hour minimum wage.  He was apolitical, but cute, hip and had weed. Completely unlike Brandon, who I met at a tea party rally last year and had invited me to meet for coffee, Jimmy had invited me to share his sleeping bag among others.

Jimmy and I sat together in a semicircle with the crowd engaged in  robotic, repetitive chanting .  They waved their feeling hands as I contemplated the illusionary “free thinking”. We were told the rally was patriotic, but we  saw no American flags , although  free condoms and needles  were available. When the chanting included “You can have  sex with animals ”(this is real, check it out), I looked at Jimmy differently.

 [vsw id=”gtvkJj2-fwI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

He no longer was hip. I excused myself; hoped Heather was home and wondered where I put Brandon’s telephone number.

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

WC (Bill) Augustine

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  1. Fact Checker

    I think you’d be a much better fit at a Tea Party rally. This is one of the most disingenuous blog posts I’ve ever seen. Twice you refer to Occupy Wall Streets demands and you link to these 13 points. The problem is: these are clearly not the demands of the movement. These are 13 suggested demands posted by one person on an internet forum. This person does not speak for the movement and the movement has not adopted these demands (even though you clearly imply that these 13 points are “Occupy Wall Street’s Demands.”

    Take a look at the top of the page that you linked to (twice):

    Admin note: This is not an official list of demands. This is a forum post submitted by a single user and hyped by irresponsible news/commentary agencies like Fox News and This content was not published by the collective, nor was it ever proposed or agreed to on a consensus basis with the NYC General Assembly. There is NO official list of demands.

    Did you bother to read this? Either you’re not too bright, or you’re simply dishonest.

    • Mr_Stark

      The demands are a reasonable metric for how the movement is viewed by those protesting and those on the outside. Do you really think OWS has any central leadership behind it anymore? That the mobs in all states & cities go to a website of guidance and support? Do you really believe that it hasn’t degraded to a mob state hinged on idealistic mob rhetoric? Take a long hard look at the countless interviews rolling onto the internet and see just how many of these protesters have ideas and solutions and encompass many aspects of this “unofficial list”; or are you so blind as to not look? Maybe out of fear that the movement isn’t what you think its about?

      I already know the response, “the few don’t represent the whole.”, just like how the Republicans and Tea Party are demonized over just a few individuals. The movement is about money and those that have more of it. You really want to solve problems? Stop voting the way you do that places people in office that support this type of corporate greed. Stop buying products and services from the corporations that hoard money. Otherwise all the movement is going to achieve is the mass exile of industry from the country and a seriously crippled standard of living and economy.

    • atlasrising

      Without resorting to reason lacking name-calling, surely you don’t believe the vast majority of those attending an “occupy” rally don’t support free college education(a oxymoron there), forgiveness of college loans and a higher minimum wage.

      You can not have it both ways

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