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We all mourn the tragedy of students and teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in a gun-free zone.  However, another developing tragedy is the flock of politicians clamoring to look worthwhile.

The latest murder in Chicago, according to the not-up-to-date city public-safety website, was murder number 485, case number HV596086 which occurred on December 9 at 11:45 pm (validating my Grandfather’s warning that few good things happen after 11 pm).  Extrapolating 485 murders to the end of the year, 513 murders will occur in Chicago this year.  This would represent an increase of 80 murders over the 433 in 2011.

Although the murder increase in Chicago this year is more than three times the number of those killed at the school in Connecticut, for the national media, it doesn’t merit coverage. Because this inconvenient statistic from the city with the strictest gun control in the country controlled by the left for decades does not fit the politically correct narrative is an obvious explanation for ignoring case # HV596086.

Given that Chicago is approximately a third Caucasian, Hispanic and African-American and a disproportionate number of murder victims are black, the media ignoring this epidemic of murders is blatantly racist.  By the media’s determination of newsworthiness, the value of a white school child in Connecticut is greater than a black school child in Chicago when a political point is to be made.

Last year the murder rate in the country was 4.7 per 100,000.  Chicago’s this year will be 19.0 per 100k.  Chicago’s murder rate this year will be 3 times New York’s, 2 times Los Angles and 60% higher than Houston’s.  It will also be higher than El Paso(20 times) and Plano(14 times), TX, Mesa(6 times), AZ and Lincoln(20 times), NE, all places without restrictive gun control.

If the country were to adopt more restrictive gun control, as in the Chicago style, and the country’s murder rate came to reflect the experience in Chicago, 45,000 (19-4.7 X 315 mm/100k) more people would be murdered per year.  Given that politicians like to use ten year numbers instead of annual numbers to dramatize a point, the ten year number would be nearly half a million people dead.

Obviously there are many reasons why even with more restrictive gun control laws we would not expect the country’s murder rate to climb to Chicago’s.  However for the media, politicians and other controllers of the culture to ignore the statistics is nonsensical.

 Have a fulfilling and profitable(politically incorrect word) day, 

W C (Bill) Augustine,

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  1. George Kocan

    The most significant variable in Chicago’s high murder rate suggests the solution to the problem. The Democrat Party runs Chicago. It has everything–everything–its way. Most importantly it runs the failed school system, it runs popular culture. It even runs the Catholic Church. Not only does the Dem party run the system, ideologically as well as practically, it also is the very party which put the President, Barak Obama, into the highest office of the land and elected the felon governor Rod Blagojevich and the soon-to-be felon, Jesse Jackson Jr., Congressman. When honest voters succeed in driving the Dem party out of Chicago and Illinois, then, the murder rate will go down and so will the probability of mass shootings of children.

  2. Nicholle

    I see you didn’t mention the murder rate in Detroit, St. Louis, Flint, etc. Hmmmm…..

  3. George Kocan

    I did not comment on the murder rates of other cities because I do not know as much about them as I do Chicago. I grew up in Chicago and live close enough to keep up with the news. Certainly, the pattern of high crime and social dissolution occurs in other cities dominated by the Democrat Party.


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