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In a recent survey done YouGov, it was revealed that Americans believe that Chicago is the most dangerous city in the US, even more than the two more populous cities.

The latest research from YouGov shows that according to the public America’s three largest cities are also its most dangerous. Chicago, the third most populous metro area in the country, is seen as the most dangerous, with 53% of Americans saying that the city is ‘unsafe’ while only 33% say it is ‘safe’. New York City is the seen the second most dangerous, followed by LA and DC. Texas’ two largest cities, Dallas and Houston, are seen as being safest.

Chicago continues to maintain crime has dropped in 2014 which most of the media seems to accept.

For instance RT reports, “by July 2014, violent crimes were halved, with 2,251 occurring that month. Property crimes dropped nearly 40 percent to 8,446, while quality-of-life crimes dropped over 50 percent to 5,221.”

However, According to, a site that maintains real time murder information in the city, homicides for 2104 in Chicago stand at a staggering 316 to date. They also report nearly 85 percent of murders were shooting deaths.

Although the city claims its crime numbers are down dramatically, we have previously noted the Chicago Police Department was busted by Chicago Magazine fudging their data by downgrading crime categorization. Perhaps that message is getting to the rest of the country.


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