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Fox News reports that it has learned 748 illegal aliens have been transferred from the border to Chicago.

Of the original group of 748 kids, 319 have been placed with family members or sponsors while they await an immigration hearing. The other 429 have been placed in facilities run by the Heartland Alliance, a nonprofit organization that receives grants from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., told Fox News Friday that he did not know the exact locations of the facilities where the children were being kept, and stated his belief that the White House did not want the children’s living conditions to be made public.

See the full report at Fox News.

H/T: GatewayPundit

In a report filed Saturday by RebelPundit, residents from Chicago’s South Side slammed President Obama for his handling of the border crisis and paying favor to illegal aliens over their own struggling community.

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  1. HappyG

    If they are reunited with their illegal parents, then deport all of them…it really is that simple.

    • CharInOhio

      Yes I think that too …..USE THIS as an opportunity to DEPORT THEM ALL ……but THEY WONT …….they just let the ones COMING HERE stay with the ALREADY ILLEGAL ones here !!!!!!

  2. Adrenaline Junkies

    and only 1 comment , chicago residents don’t care and that is shameful

    • CharInOhio

      IF THEY CARED “ENOUGH” they would be PROTESTING at the White House and EVERYWHERE Obama or Emanuel speaks …… DROVES ……..ITS TIME TO STAND UP …..THIS TAKES ALL OF US …….SOME OF US ……..Is not going to do it for YOU TOO !!!!! Its YOUR communities that will suffer the most !!!!!!! STAND WITH US …….OR SEE YOUR FAMILIES SUFFER ….OURS have been for some time now ……..

  3. Adrenaline Junkies

    Our children need help not illegals .. Our kids need jobs, we need jobs, we need not to get sick with TB, SCABIES, EBOLA, or H1N1.. Every American citizen should care, that their TAX dollars are going for over the border children, to infest and break us & our kids.. OUR JOBS, forget that , BIG BUSINESS wants



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