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Over a four-day period, four boys, all 15-years old or younger, were shot on Chicago streets in the week before Christmas. In one incident, the 15-year old was shot six times, including two times in the head. The Chicago Tribune reported he was the last of the four.

The teen is the fourth boy 15 or younger shot in Chicago since Saturday, when 15-year-old Demario Bailey was killed while coming to the aid of his twin brother during a robbery.  Two other teens, 13 and 14, were among four shot at an apartment building in the Washington Park neighborhood Monday evening.

Four teenagers have been charged in the death of Demario Bailey.

There have been 455 homicides in Chicago in 2014 and 2229 people shot.


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  1. SirRuncibleSpoon

    Waves of black demonstrators angrily chasing down the wispy specters of supposedly malicious white police shootings of black males, all the while tripping over hundreds of black corpses generated by black gang-bangers. Their blindness: is it willful ideological denial or some culturally induced monomania or some combination of the two? What’s wrong with these people? If they do not wake up and smell the bodies they are stacking up in their own neighborhoods, the rest of us in the periphery of this mess are going to get swallowed up in it, too.

    Walking Dead? No, Marching Dead.

  2. Jesse

    Their values are Life doesn’t hold value to them. Other people are just the wilderbeasts to them.This is gang values.. This is a call to prayer.


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