IL sneaks in amendment to U.S. Constitution — vote NO

Some residents of Illinois (Chicago and nine other townships) will find not only an amendment to the state constitution, but also to the U.S. Constitution on the ballot today. It was slipped in without any reporting, and is worded differently in different townships:

“Should the United States Constitution be amended to clearly state that only individual persons, and not corporations, associations or any other organizational entities, are entitled to the rights enumerated in the Constitution?”


“Shall the U.S. Congress pass a bill, to be duly ratified by three-fourths of the states, adopting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, empowering the federal government and the states to regulate and limit political contributions from corporations?”

In a letter sent out to parishoners, Father Thomas Milota wrote of the impact on religious freedoms such an amendment would have:

Although this initially sounds like one is prohibiting corporations from acting as an entity with the right guaranteed in the US constitution, this particular proposition seems designed directly to combat the Church’s recent struggle to maintain her religious liberty and freedom.

As you are aware, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate earlier this year which would require certain ecclesiastical institutions to pay for services that are directly contrary to the teaching of the Church thus forcing her to compromise herself. This particular proposition seems to be designed to give the false impression that Catholics do not mind if the freedom of speech of the leadership of the Church is revoked.

Please vote “no” to this proposition.

In Christ,

Fr. Thomas A. Milota


Saints Peter and Paul Parish

While this will not be binding, it will be used as a tool for propaganda to say that Illinois residents support such a referendum and would effectively nullify the Citizens United decision.

Vote no. (Vote no also on the IL constitutional amendment as well as the Chicago amendment for electrical aggregation.)

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  1. Roy
    December 17, 2012 at 12:00 am

    This topic is of immense irsneett to me, and it’s one that has been largely overlooked by libertarians: the American public’s growing, tacit belief that our presidents are supposed to be “leaders,” that we are “electing a temporary king,” as Ross Douthat recently wrote (without irony). just cracked the wall with his new book, “The Cult of the Presidency.” It’s also Reason’s cover story this month, though I don’t think they’ve yet posted it online.It’s one of the most dismaying aspects of all this campaign brouhaha (and of Obamania in particular). So much intense public irsneett, so much energy, so much hype and noise. All stems from this implicit view of the presidency as So Very Important. We shouldn’t care this much who’s elected president, because the president isn’t supposed to matter this much in the first place.The whole exercise serves only to further empower the presidential role, creating an ever bigger threat to freedom. Alas, I’m not sure there’s any way out. People seem to genuinely crave the theater of it all, the notion of one human personality being vested with such power. It’s like a real-life soap opera, and it’s apparently too alluring for people to willingly turn off.

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