Monthly Archives: June 2012

Governor Scott Walker speaks sobering truth to Illinois


In today’s Chicago Tribune, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker writes that Wisconsin-style reform is not beyond the reach of even Illinois. Governor Scott Walker’s leadership in Wisconsin brought the state back from the brink to a job-creating model of responsibility and leadership. At least someone’s attempting to provide some leadership in Illinois today. It certainly isn’t…

Our Cold Civil War #FUWAR


It is the duty of the American people to change the direction of our country. As Andrew Marcus of Hating Breitbart said, we are in a Cold Civil War. The Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision is our starting point. The House votes on repeal on July 9. On to November….

Pentagon holds first ever Gay Pride event


Tuesday afternoon, the Pentagon held its first ever official Gay Pride event. The 1pm EDT assembly included a keynote address from General Counsel Jeh Johnson as well as a panel discussion. During his remarks, Johnson reportedly commented that benefits equality “will get done” and that inequalities regarding benefits trouble many of the Pentagon’s leaders. He…

Convicted-Sex Offender Leads Chicago Protesters to Target Target

Frank Brown Take Action Minnesota protesters once again took to the streets of downtown Chicago today, marching from Daley Plaza to the Target building at State and Madison. Participants included members of various groups, allegedly including Illinois Purge, Citizens Advocacy Center, and US Action. Leading the protesters in their chants with his megaphone held high was Frank Brown, a…