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Surprise! It Was Romney Backers that Pushed for Open Primary in Michigan

Mitt Romney Coward

According to a Michigan Republican State Committee (MRSC) member, Romney backers in statewide Republican leadership roles, including the governor and attorney general, pushed for an open Michigan primary. These open primary rules allow voters to vote in either party’s primary without declaring any party affiliation. As the governing body of the state Republican Party in…

Exclusive Romney Santorum Michigan Part II: Local Police Demand Removal of Santorum Signs Near Romney Event

Romney Santorum Signs

Milford Charter Township, MI The Kensington Metro Park Police demanded tonight that Santorum supporters remove signs placed on public park property adjacent to a public road.  Approximately 15 signs were placed on park property near the Bakers of Milford Restaurant prior to a campaign stop by Mitt Romney. The outrageous order by the Kensington Metro…

Busted! Exclusive Video: Romney Hacks Take Down Hundreds of Santorum Signs at Michigan Event

Romney Supporters Take Down Santorum Signs

In Michigan, Santorum supporters planted hundreds of campaign signs in Shelby Township prior to Mitt Romney’s appearance today.  Some of these signs were planted alongside sidewalks and roadways across from and surrounding the Romney campaign stop.  Approximately two hours before the scheduled event, Romney campaign staffers, including Dennis Lennox of Topinabee, MI, began planting Romney signs in…