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#OccupyChicago Superhero “Abyss” Saves the Day, Dumps Poisoned Food in Lake Michigan!!!

Superhero Abyss

Marathon Pundit interviews superhero “Abyss” at Occupy Chicago. Apparently “Abyss” is on hand to watch over the remaining few occupiers on LaSalle St., and recently saved the day after their food supply was allegedly poisoned with a green-gassy substance. It seems “Abyss,” is only different from his friends that pollute the city streets by dropping his…

(Video) Donald Trump Destroys Obama for Holding Fundraiser During New York Tree Lighting

rockefeller tree

Donald Trump is not afraid to tear apart President Obama, and for good reason. His royal majesty is holding a fundraiser near Rockefeller Center during the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, and will inconvenience thousands of Americans while he’s at it. [vsw id="NFMDNg9VGIQ" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Schakowsky’s Husband, Convicted Felon Robert Creamer Visits White House

Schakowsky Creamer

More good times on Pennsylvania Avenue. Yesterday, Michelle Malkin reported on President Obama’s White House document dump over Thanksgiving. As usual, there are some interesting, yet unsurprising names on the list. Congresswoman Jan Schakowky’s husband, convicted felon Robert Creamer–the man who designed the blueprint of Obamacare while in prison–was a White House guest five times…

Will Joe Walsh Make the “Right” Move into Illinois 8?

Joe Walsh

Roll Call is reporting that Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) may be exiting the 14th congressional district race, a district in which he had previously announced he was running earlier this fall. Rather than mount a difficult primary challenge–against a solid Republican–he is reportedly reconsidering defending his current seat in the 8th district. Walsh chose to run…

Joke of the Day: Riddle Me This Obama….

Obama Admin Laughing

This story that came anonymous in an email just about sums it up for the Obama administration. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) Barack Obama met with the Queen of England . He asked her, “Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?”…

Reps Schakowsky & Gutierrez Help Illegal Aliens Halt Deportation


Our favorite Illinois representatives Schakowsky and Gutierrez are focusing on what matters most to illegal aliens–staying in America. That’s right, rather than focusing on the problems that legal residents and American citizens in their districts face–such as finding jobs in a horrible economy–these two elected officials are helping law-breakers evade justice. Thanks to a new…