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Hamas’s Relentless Rocket Attacks on Israeli Population: Infographics

Hamas Rockets

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) today released a visual compilation of the rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel’s population. These attacks continue despite Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. As the IDF states, an Israeli citizen has, on average, 60 seconds to seek shelter when an attack is launched. “Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza…

Fox News Joins the Herman Cain Lynch Mob as He Now Leads Gov. Perry in Texas


Fox News spent the entire day jumping on the Herman Cain sex “scandal.” The scandal that apparently has no validity and really no significance for that matter. Here is the interview from Fox News earlier. [vsw id="VNFhdMRT6Nw" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] What some may find interesting however is the timing of this “news” scandal, that…

Figures…. “Obama-Endorsed” NATO Mission a Success as Al Qaeda Flag Now Flies over Libya

Al Qaeda Flag

Thanks to the support of American forces under U.S. Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, it only took about 5 months to topple the Gadaffi regime in Libya. NATO announced today that it is ending the bombing campaign, as the black Al Qaeda flag now flies prominently over Benghazi. Mission accomplished…. The UK Daily Mail has the story: The…

Michael Moore Cheers “We No Longer Have to Hear about the Deficit” at #OccupyOakland

Michael Moore

Michelle Obama’s favorite fried-food fanatic, Michael Moore, addressed Occupy Oakland on Friday. He celebrated with his little Marxist minion, that we no longer have  to worry about important things like the deficit and debt ceiling, thanks to “occupiers” everywhere. Moore proudly claims: “We have killed despair around the country….here’s something very important we have done….6…

Another Solyndra! Beacon Power Corp. Anyone Surprised?

Beacon Power

Looks like Solyndra 2 is here! Beacon Power Corp. in Massachusetts received a $43 million loan from the Energy Department and is now filing for bankruptcy. The Hill reports: A Massachusetts company that received a $43 million Energy Department loan guarantee last year filed for bankruptcy Sunday, a step certain to fuel criticism of federal…

Pay More, Get Less!!! The Promise of Efficient Government Is the Dream of Occupy Wall Street


A prominent element of the “Occupy” movement advocates a vastly expanded role of government in society to solve our problems. In their “enlightened” view, empowering the public sector relative to the bad corporate (private) sector would create a more just (their definition) nation. It is ironic that they would hold up the very sector that is the…

#OccupyOakland Protester Confirms Dirty Left Wing Mob Pelted Cops with Bottles and Rocks Before Police Response

Occupy Oakland

As Jim Hoft over at The Gateway Pundit says, “Yup. They’re the spitting image of the tea party.” An occupy protester admits she saw protesters hurling bottles and rocks at the police before they responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. Of course she thinks the police response is disproportionate and inappropriate. [vsw id=”zc_brjWJqZk” source=”youtube”…

#OccupyDenver: Flea-Infested, Dirt-Bag Hippies Knock Over Police Motorcycle, Shout “F**king Nazis”

Police Motorcycle Occupy Denver

Yesterday, police were attacked by flea-infested, spoiled-rotten, dirty hippies, abusing the first amendment at Occupy Denver. In the following video, “occupiers” knock over a police officer on his motorcycle,  and shout “f**king nazis” at the police, while claiming they are just peacefully assembling. [vsw id="4DoHDelbEAQ" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]