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A 13-month old baby was shot and killed after gunshots were fired into his Milwaukee home. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on the incident.

Bill, born Nov. 2, 2013, in Milwaukee, was standing on a stool near the table, Xiong Thao said, and sometime after 6 p.m. shots rang out, one of which pierced the plate-glass window just a few feet from where Bill was. Xiong Thao said another uncle, whom he identified as Teng Thao, grabbed the children and tried to move them away from the window.

Pointing to blood marks that had dried on the living room carpet, Xiong Thao said young Bill was shot in the lower torso. Teng Thao sustained a graze wound in the right thigh, he said. Suabna Xiong was not harmed.

This is the third child killed in Milwaukee by gunfire this year. Sierra Guyton, 10-years old, was shot while on the playground. Layla Petersen, 5-years old, was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather’s lap.

Mayor Tom Barrett spoke out on the violence, but provided no solutions.

The fatal shooting of the baby was only one of five shootings that took place that same night in Milwaukee. All the adult victims survived their wounds.

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  1. Harriet

    The fucking Mayor of Milwaukee is a stinking communist coward. He’s the one who should be shot.


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