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From BigGovernment:

While University of Missouri – Kansas City Professor Judy Ancel has yet to explain her false and misleading defense of classroom statements suggesting violence is an acceptable tactic with an appropriate place in advancing the labor movement, new video reveals Ancel giving students insight into how to put non-union companies out of business. The tactic Ancel recommends to students is based upon deception and designed to burden a non-union company with a costly labor action under false pretenses.

Ancel uses the word, “salt” in relating the tactic. In union terminology, that would supposedly be an individual who goes to work at a company with the intent to organize a union. However, that is not the goal Ancel embraces, as the video makes clear. She informs students how one can use so-called saltsto put a non-union company out of business entirely.

While demonstrating no concern at all for non-union employees and business owners certain to face financial hardship as a result of the deceptive tactic Ancel endorses to her class, she calls it “useful,” going on to cackle while pointing out how the tactic is largely frowned upon by the public, a majority of which is comprised of non-union taxpayers who actually pay Ancel’s salary given her employment at a public university.

Certainly tactics union organizers use, or have used, in the past are appropriate for discussion in a class on Labor and Politics. However, one would think a genuine educational experience would come with at least some balance and objectivity and perhaps a discussion of the broader repercussions of any tactic, especially one specifically designed to destroy an individual business owner’s livelihood, while leaving some number of other taxpayers out of work.

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  1. tw mcd

    Classrooms are the best place for progressives to spread there agenda. They rarely ever have to argue their points. Even if a kid knows what he’s hearing is BS, he wont dare counter the professor for fear of bad grade. So with no balanced debate the other kids assume they’re hearing the truth.


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